Monday, December 28, 2009

22 December 2009 - On the way to my village 'LONG MARO'

On the 22nd December, I went to my mum's village for Christmas celebration. It took about 3 hours from Miri to my kampung using 'jalan darat'..this is the first time i went back to my mum's village using 'jalan darat' since it just
been open recently just because of palm oil project near my whole body was totally hurt during the first day and bumps and bruises are everywhere.And i can't sleep well also because it was totally dark, without any fans, mosquitoes are everywhere and insects too..argh!!!huhu.. here are some photos on the first day.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Aigoo..Christmas is just around the corner..I'm going back to my mum's village tomorrow..hehe..I am truly excited about it as my last visit was during Christmas in 2005..Well, for this year, OUR BIG FAMILY (nanny,daddy,mummy,uncles,aunties,brothers,sister,cousins,nephews,nieces) will gather together again and there are lot of activities waiting for us..Aiyakkk..can't wait to get there..heheh..So, i wish to all my friends to have a BLESSED CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR..Enjoy the big day with your beautiful families!!! Love ya' all.. I'll put some photos when i get back to MIRI.. =)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

i miss my BABY!!! i spent most of my time playing my brother's electric guitar..Suddenly, i get a little upset thinking about my guitar that i left at my college for this holidays..Yeah,that guitar is my BABY!!huhu..miss ya..when i was in college, i used to play the guitar in every moment that i was free..argh..i really miss the sound of the i said before, today i spent my time strumming my bro's guitar and i did play some new songs..and for sure, i hurt my fingers again..wargh..BUT STILL GUITAR IN MY MIND!!heheh..then, i try to play his GUITAR BASS and i was actually know nothing about playing bass..After i'm perfectly done with my guitar, hopefully i can have my next lesson to become drummer..hah..

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cousin's Wedding Ceremony

Fuh..It's been quite busy this whole week since Christmas is coming soon and it is next week..hohoho..Last Monday, i attended my cousin's wedding in Mega Hotel. It has been quite long time i didnt step my foot at Mega Hotel.. More than 10 years i guess..
hahah..The funniest thing during that day was how my cousin did some make over on me.. The first time in my whole life my make up was TOTALLY HEAVY!! AIGOO..Even my mum also surprised with my NEW LOOK..herm..Here are some photos i've taken during that night..The first one is a photo of 'MEGA HOTEL' in night view, then 'ORANG ULU's DANCE', followed by my aunties, uncle and cousins. Next is picture of me n my lil sis, then big bro, mummy n daddy. Followed by the picture of the groom (my cousin) together with his family, the wedding couple, lil' sis n cousin, here come my 'akek'(granpa-on the right side)and finally my DADDY & MUMMY!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Aigoo..tonight I just got my new hairstyle..owh hair is curly!! i really mean it!! and it's my first time in my whole life i come with this hairstyle.. At first, i really don't like it and it look totally funny..yeah FUNNY!! But instead of regreting it, i should be grateful because i have decided to change the OLD me to the NEW me!!hahah..and it is the toughest decision i have made for this year..yeah that's true!!!i can't deny it..heheh.. =)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Hahah..haengbokiya!! I am so damn happy today.. I just got a gift from mummy & daddy this afternoon..Yeay.. They just bought me one Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera and how i had really wished to have one. Finally, I got one from them..Thanks mummy n daddy!! Love ya..hehe..I will use it to take nice photos during this holiday and going to share the photos with you guys..

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Aiseh..Almost half day i spent my time at shopping mall today..Not yet for a CHRISTMAS SHOPPING but just an exciting window shopping..hehe..In fact, i did buy something.. And at least i did spent my time outside rather than doing nothing at home although actually i'm getting busy completing the order of biscuits for Christmas. Well,mummy said 'today we close our factory and comon, have our time in the mall'. Then daddy also come and met us at the shopping mall after half day working. Yea, he looks tired but still follow us crashing the mall..Later then, we having our dinner at KFC since today was actually my lil' sis birthday..Hmm.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS!!


Annyong haesaeyo..
HAH..This is the greatest news I've been waiting for. Finally, AIRASIA will expand their destinations and right now SEOUL,KOREA is one of the selected destination(in Buletin Utama)..Yeay!! Low-fare airline to Seoul, that's what i mean.. Great chances shouldn't be missed..hehe..Sooner or later, I will get myself the ticket to Seoul..haha..FIGHTING!! =)

Monday, December 7, 2009


Wow..What a great day for Malaysian as our badminton team won 3 titles for the series. This afternoon, i watched the matches together with my dad. Besides great games and the huge prizes, what attract me the MOST is the attitude of MALAYSIAN SUPPORTERS. They really give a great supporting attitude not only to the MALAYSIAN TEAM but also from other countries. And how they called out 'DATUK LEE CHONG WEI' name, hah what a great supporters.. MALAY, CHINESE & INDIAN all together give their full support. I can see that 'ONE MALAYSIA' is possible to be achieve if this kind of support we practice in our daily routine. And we also can see how Datuk Lee Chong Wei kissed our MALAYSIAN FLAG at his shirt after winning the game. GREAT SHOW FOR TODAY!! CONGRATULATION FOR OUR TEAM.AJA2 FIGHTING!!! GAMBATEH!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!! haha.. =)

Sunday, December 6, 2009


If you guys feeling bored during this holiday, why don't you watch this reality show 'Haptic Mission'. This show is related in picking up spokesperson for product named 'ANYCALL" which is a brand of KOREAN HANDPHONE by SAMSUNG. In this show, 3 flower boys are selected (KIM HYUN JOONG, KIM BUM, KIM JUN) and one flower girl, SON DAM BI where they need to compete against each other and try to attract the judges with their skills and abilities.There are only 7 episodes for this show. You just need one day to finish all the episodes.Just sit back and relax. Hehe.. =)


2010 Calendar photos of JANG GEUN SUK or known as HWANG TAE KYUNG, main character in 'YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL'..
This talented young man also selected as 'MELON MUSIC AWARDS MC' which will be held on the 16th of December..

Biscuits For Christmas 2009

AIGOO!! i slept around 4am this morning. My mum and I have a big mission for this CHRISTMAS.. We need to complete all orders of biscuit before Christmas.huhu.. Every year i need to do this thing.. I should own one biscuit factory next time.Haha..Hmm.. Since Christmas is coming soon, i'll post some recipes on how to bakes nice and delicious biscuits..heheh.. =)

FRIENDSTER has CHANGED to new look. has been quite long i didn't log in into my FRIENDSTER account and this morning i suddenly wanted to log into my account. And i'm quite surprise FS has been changed to new look. It just look similar to FACEBOOK. Good progressing from FS team.
hehe.. =)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Korean Drama- you're beautiful

i've just finished watching this drama last week and i think among all korean dramas for this year, this one would be the best. Really enjoy watching the drama from the beginning and to its end. For me, this drama remind me of BOYS OVER FLOWER and COFFEE PRINCE..Where the character of SHIN WOO most likely of JI HOO-SUNBAE in BOF and the boyish character of GO MI NAM/NYU just like Go Eun Chan in COFFEE PRINCE. So guys, dont miss the drama.. =D

Getting started

hmm..finally i just create one blog for myself..
before this i owned one, but since i rarely use the service anymore, so i stop blogging for a while..And i will be trying hard to update my blog more often after this..hehe..yeah,sometimes laziness conquered me!! =)