Friday, May 28, 2010


yaaaaaa!!!!my HYUN JOONG oppa is are so HOTTTTTTT in this music video..oppa, be in my dream tonight arasso..Love me, love me, love me like I LOVE YOU!!!ahhh..michigetda!!! i want the full music video to be released soon..really wanted to see him more in the video..huhu..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

holla!!! has been quite long i didn't updating my blog..ya lah..been very very busy few weeks ago..and i just started my part time job last week. Since tomorrow is my off day, so i'm thinking to spare some time updating my right now busy mengalahkan artists ok..lagipun i have another blog yang perlu i handle.. And i have to make sure that blog need to be updated almost everyday...hahah..owh, tonight i just wanna share a little bit of my working experiences..Amongst all the part-time jobs I've done so far, this is the first job that fits me is because this is the first time i got a job that failed makes me feel exhausted over & over again. & paling best i can online..then, we can use our handphone anytime & everywhere..Been so lucky to have that job for this holiday..* happy happy mode*

Monday, May 10, 2010

Super Junior - 미인아 (BONAMANA)

Guys, new song from Suju's fourth album finally has been released. For me, it is a bit sounded like a mixing beats from Ring Ding Dong from Shinee and Sorry Sorry from their previous hit song. It sounds nice but I couldn't hear their voices clearly. Anyway, this is just my own opinion and what about yours?? SUJU, hwaiting!!!!

credits to XDDDD30 for the video.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Second Blog

Hye guys..sorry for not updating much on my blog lately..yeah, i know it's holiday so i'm suppose to have more time updating my blog. But currently, i'm busy handling my second blog which i will introduce it to you guys just that i am still busy looking for the right materials for the second blog..I'm thinking about making the second blog because this current blog is actually for personal purpose. Since i am addicted to Korean Entertainment, you guys would find out that many posts regarding Kpop or K-drama in this current blog and sadly, it is more about my personal idols..hahah..but i'm sure you guys wanted more than that so that is why i've decided to create another blog which will discuss more about Kpop & Kdrama issues. Furthermore, i'm looking for a partner to work with me for the second blog. So guys, if you're interested, just leave me a comment in the chatbox.

Super Junior makes their comeback with 10 members on 13th may 2010 & Kang-In to join Army soon.

After have been successfully end up their Super Show 2 last month, now they are ready for their new album which they have make their confirmation date and it will be on May 13th. Unfortunately, this album will only show up 10 members instead of 13. It is quite disappointing to know that Super Junior is currently working for their new album without 13 of them together as before and as we know that Kim Bum is still busy with his acting, Han Kyung in his middle lawsuit and Kang-in who is in planning to be enlisted in the army. The news of Kang-In get enlisted in army is quite surprise announcement by SM Entertainment. This may be the best decision done by him so far. Somehow, we still want you to be back in Suju's activities and I'm sure all ELF out there really wanted Suju to get back like before.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

SS501 Come Back May 2010

owh..i'm getting crazy over this..please make it fast..i've been waiting for it...can't wait to see you guys hit the MUSIC BANK chart...OMO OMO... i love SS501..OPPA,OPPA saranghaeyo!!!!hahah..

It's 501Day!!!

annyonghaesaeyo!!!wassup guys?? hope you guys doing pretty fine today..yeah..most probably you guys keep on asking what was that with '501Day'?? okay..let me explain briefly about is actually a big day for my beloved kpop group "ss501" which the number is representing the date today (1st may)..hoho..besides that "501" also representing the unite of 5 men in one entity(SS501)..wooosh!!! For your information, today they are suppose to make their comeback..hoho..after making their successful comeback last september (album REBIRTH) with their revamped image of sexiness, these guys are now back with more darker concept..whoops!! i guess the new concept look a little bit creepy but still, they look SUPER DUPER HOT as always(especially LEADER)..awww..i like!!!hahah..unfortunately, due to some issues they have decided to delay their album and no confirmation date is set for the time being..but the release date most probably will be within this guys, just be patient and wait for the surprise.. and guess WHAT???i'm SO SO EXCITED too!!!here are some photos of their new concept which was released by DSP media in their website..they shouldn't cover their BEAUTIFUL & CHARMING FACE with that creepy MASK anyway. So, just CHECK IT OUT!!!

Leader-Kim Hyun Joong
Kim Hyung Jun
Park Jung Min
Kim KyuJong
Heo Young Saeng