Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AN AWESOME WEEK!!! (14th to 16th March 2011)

Hello buddies.. sorry once again for not updating too much recently. Gahhhh!!! i just can't wait to share all these feelings i felt since last week. Only God knows what i feel and how excited i am.. It all started with last monday. I went to Christian fellowship concert at the Imperial Ball Room for 2 days which is from Monday night to Tuesday night. Then on Wednesday night i went to Kuala Lumpur for short vacation where i need to settle some matters and also attending the thing i've been waiting for a year and finally i've fulfilled it. Thanked God for everything. This is all some summaries of the activities i've been done for last week. The detailed activities will be discussed after this..hahah.. =)what i can conclude is, LAST WEEK WAS AN AWESOME WEEK!!! =) too happy until i fall sick..hehe..