Saturday, July 30, 2011


Hello guys. I've uploaded 3 videos of Super Junior during their concert in Japan in 2009. Last time, it took me only half an hour to upload one video into my youtube account but i don't know why it took nearly 2 hours now for me to upload one video of Suju's concert. Maybe because it was an HD view and the size must be extra bigger than my previous videos. But never mind, i will try to upload at least 2 videos a day from now on. So hope you guys enjoy the clearer version and more videos coming. =)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Super Junior 5th Album Photo Teaser.

Finally today, all the photo teaser of the 10 members have been completely revealed. The individual teaser photos of the members are released sequentially starting from the July 20th which Eunhyuk's photo to be first released. Then it was followed by Donghae's photo.

The following day, Super Junior's leader Leeteuk photo is released & followed by Shindong photo on the 23rd.

Just a few minutes after Shindong's photo, Kyuhyun's photo was released too. Some rumors said that they(smtownent) mistakenly uploaded Kyuhyun photo teaser right after Shindong's photo. And on the next day, it's Sungmin turn to get all the fan's hearts melted. =)

On the 25th, Ryeowook's photo was released & fans all over the world are shock with the transformation of 'forever maknae' to the manly side of him. hahaha~~~ and yesterday, Yesung turn to move the fan's hearts with his trendy look.

And this morning, once again fans all over the world were shocked with the sexiest image of Siwon. Whenever you see the photo, you will feel that your jaws dropped. hahah~~ Right few hours later, Heechul's photo also has been revealed & that make it completely 10 members photo teaser until today.

So guys, what do you think about all these photos? ^_^

Friday, July 15, 2011


Hey, i saw this topic trending in the twitter list since yesterday. So i was thinking of writing some facts on me here since i got nothing much to do right now. Thanks TWITTER for giving me an idea..heheh..but what i can say is, if you really read this post CAREFULLY & know 40 THINGS about me & ACCEPTED the way i am, you're most welcome to be my friends. hahah.. :D I can be a good friend to anyone actually. *hugs*
Let's start with a long introduction of myself.hahah. 40 facts remember?? ^_^

1. Full name: Stella Lihan
2. Born on: November 30th. 1989
3. Hometown: Miri, Sarawak (Malaysia)
4. Race: Kayan
5. Religion: Christian (Borneo Evangelical Mission)
6. Family: Daddy,mummy,2 elder brothers & little sister.
7. Education: Bachelor(Degree) of Accountancy (currently in final year)
8. Hobbies: Reading news, watching movies, composing songs, twittering, blogging,facebooking & online-ing. ^_^
9. Ideal guy: CHOI SIWON (respectable, gentleman, funny, a lil bit shy sometimes playful && the most important is a strong Christian with loyalty) heheh.. :p
10. Status: my heart taken by Siwon oppa (hahah)

11. Fav foods: anything taste yummy especially mum's cooking & daddy as well.
12. My fav. bands: Mostly punk rock & alternative rock bands
13. My fav. kpop groups: I like most of the kpop groups. But i love SUPER JUNIOR & SS501 even more. *being their fans more than 5 years, what more can i say*
14. Fav. destinations: Seoul, Liverpool, Paris, New Zealand, Venice & more.
15. Fav. football clubs: Liverpool(fans of The Reds since 8 years old)& Barcelona.
16. Fav. footballers: Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard, Iker Casillas, Fernando Torres,Lionel Messi & Kim HyunJoong<< pls consider this guy too. :D
17. Fav. movies: horror, thriller, action & romantic comedy
18. Fav. dramas: Korean Drama
19. Fav. songs: A LOT!!!!
20. Fav. fruits: Banana, Durian, Mangoes & Watermelon

21. My idols: Jesus Christ & my daddy.
22. I like: kids,adventurous activities,being playful,cooking,travelling,shopping etc
23. I dislike: Backstabber, insects etc..
24. When I'm bored: i used to do crazy things. :D
25. I always wanted: to be a lawyer but end up taking accountancy as my major.
26. When someone talked bad about me: i will get mad & curse but then i will forgive them after few hours & pray, asking for forgiveness from God.
27. Good & Bad thing about me: I always fight for my right. *hard to cure*
28. People's first impression: I look so arrogant. *LOL*
29. But actually: I am quite friendly & very talkative. *handle my words with care*
30. Whenever my friends feel sad & down: I will cheer them up & put back a smile on their face but when i feel so down, they never cheer me up cause I never show them my sad face. I will keep it by myself & cheer myself up with exciting activities.

31. I feel happy: when I get what i targeted & when people around me feels happy too.
32. So please don't: show your sad face to me. *you'll make me sad too*
33. When i was in highschool: I used to be a punk rock lover..*well-known as a ROCKERS until i continue my study in matriculation*
34. Negative character: STUBBORN!!
35. Positive Character: NEVER GIVE UP!!
36. After highschool: ever went for National Service Training *3 months military training after high school.COMPULSORY*
37. Being: in Red Crescent Society during my high school & now i wanted to continue my duty as a volunteer whenever i have the chance.
38. my twitter account is: stellahyunjae *please noted out that there is an account that using my real name. i don't know who's the owner so be careful*
39. My wedding wish: get married in a church & having a wedding party on a cruise.
40. Lastly: love me the way you want to be loved & respect me the way you want to be respected. Adios!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Freaky Tuesday!!! ^_^ Girl's Talk

Just now while i was sitting alone in my bedroom, i was thinking of deleting all unnecessary messages in my inbox. In case if there is really an important message that need to be kept, so i browse & read all the messages one by one until i found one of this message sent by my friend *a kpop lover* at one night. This is around 12.09am. The conversation is in Bahasa Sarawak so i include english translation. Hope you enjoy reading it.haha.. :D

meerayie: babe,gerek ko kat kbs now. (babe, your boyfriend at kbs now)

*once i received the msg, i turn on the tv & watch kbs channel*

me: xda dah.huhu..pasal pa ya tek? (no more.huhu. what was that story about?)

meerayie: hyun joong oppa. (hyun joong oppa)

*was a bit relieved* :D *guess why?*

me: guerilla date ka? tauk sik sapa first on my mind? Siwon oppa..hahah. ya tek heran
apa siwon polah kat kbs.hehe. ( is it guerilla date? you know who's the first on
my mind? Siwon oppa..hahah..that's why i feel so weird, what he's doing in

meerayie: Hahaha. Siwon ur husband. Hyun joong tahap gerek. LoL.Siwon now, happy??
keke.. Suju.
(Hahaha. Siwon is your husband. Hyun Joong is your boyfriend. LOL. Siwon
now, happy?? keke... Suju.

*while i was asking about siwon before i knew that my friend is actually talking about hyunjoong, suddenly a video of siwon really came up with the fellow Suju members as well*

me: yeap.bok jak ckp pasal nya.hahah. (yes. we were just talking about him.hahah)

Meerayie: Phewitt!! Mk ketawa tok! haha! (phewitt!! i want to laugh! haha!)

aie heh. kenak kah?hahah. sik on9 ka?heheh. (ouh. why?hahah.not online ka?heheh.)

meerayie: ya lah..ko baruk jak sebut namanya tek, pa polah nya rah kbs? Terus nya keluar. LoL. :p online tek, jap lok. Gik mamam.hehe.
(ya lah. you was just asking about him what he does in kbs? then he suddenly appear. LoL. :p just now i on9. hold on. eat first.hehe)

me: ya lah tek. slalu gia.mala jak kbtln bila nyebut pasal nya.mun cita ngan am pun gia juak.hahah. yoh, lwt juak mkn.hahah. (ya lah.always like that. everytime i said something bout him, he will appear. If i talk with am also like that.haha. yoh, you eat very late.hahah.)

hahah..for your information, Siwon oppa & HyunJoong oppa was both my top super bias.. But based from the conversation above, you must know which one i wanted more to stay with & who was mostly on my mind.Naughty Stella!!! ^_^