Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TW- Anugerah Terbesar (Album Favor)

Been so blessed with this song. Di saat mendengar lagu ini & dihayati lirik nya sedalam2nya, ada sukacita yg luar biasa jauh di dlm hati saya. Yesus anugerah & harta terbesar di dalam hidup ku.  :D

Kasih-Mu tiada bertepi
Hati-Mu tak terselami
Betapa baiknya Engkau
Kubersyukur pada-Mu

Perkenanan-Mu ya Tuhan
Nyata di dalam hidupku
Sungguh Kau yang termulia
Jiwaku pun menyembah

Kuangkat hatiku tinggikan nama-Mu
Karena Yesus Kau anugerah terbesar
Kunaikan syukurku tuk kemurahan-Mu
Hanya Yesus Kau anugerah terbesar

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Expressing the hidden me.

I've been wanted to write up about this for quite long but i just couldn't find the right time to show it. Not a big deal anyway, just something that me myself realized the changes of characteristics & attitudes inside me within these few months or years probably?? Last time, i have a very strong personality. Any matters or problems arise, i will not fear any of it and i always believe i can solve it by myself. Even when i'm in a big trouble, i will never show it to others instead im giving them my very big wide smile as if im always OKAY. Yes, as i said before this is one of  my weaknesses. I just don't want to burden others with my problems & so on. I rather choose to take care of it by myself & not to involve others in my problems. Because of this, GOOD things i can handle everything by myself & become stronger but BAD things, the ego inside me become bigger & stronger as well. Luckily i started to realize this earlier & i'm trying hard to cut down the egos in me. Sometimes, it's much better to show your weakness to others until then you will find someone who will always be there to share your ups & downs. "Some people come into your life as blessings, others come into your life as lessons". The deeper meaning in this sentence prove that it's ok sometimes to let people enter into your life whether as a blessing or lesson, both will make you become a better person. Now, i can see that i'm a bit fragile & whenever i have problems, it can be easily spotted through face and emotion expression. Somehow, i believe my family & all friends who were here with me right now are the greatest blessings i ever had. =) Thank you Jesus. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012