Monday, March 31, 2014

Me in 2014!!!

Annyeonghasaeyo peeps!!! Holla Back!! Arghhhh..I wanted to write something here but i dont know what to note down. Well, years by years passing & just realized last year i only posted few stories & there were actually many things i wanted to share but it just that im having unmotivated syndrome a.k.a laziness.. hmmm..just a second month of 2014 & this year is still fresh for me to reflect back what had happened in last year..Thanked God i managed to pass the year of 2013 successfully.

Day by day, month by month passing, and what i can conclude for the year of 2013 was a year that has taught me to be patient in all things. 2013 was the year where most of the time i am totally down & having the worst pressure moments in my life. Somehow, nearly end of the year, everything started to change into good things. Praise the Lord.

p/s: whenever you're in your most difficult time, remember to put all your worries away & pray. Our God is an awesome God & never will leaves us alone. Surely, you will get thru all those hard times successfully.

**btw, this post was written in February 2014, just posted it today. :p