Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cousin's Wedding Ceremony

Fuh..It's been quite busy this whole week since Christmas is coming soon and it is next week..hohoho..Last Monday, i attended my cousin's wedding in Mega Hotel. It has been quite long time i didnt step my foot at Mega Hotel.. More than 10 years i guess..
hahah..The funniest thing during that day was how my cousin did some make over on me.. The first time in my whole life my make up was TOTALLY HEAVY!! AIGOO..Even my mum also surprised with my NEW LOOK..herm..Here are some photos i've taken during that night..The first one is a photo of 'MEGA HOTEL' in night view, then 'ORANG ULU's DANCE', followed by my aunties, uncle and cousins. Next is picture of me n my lil sis, then big bro, mummy n daddy. Followed by the picture of the groom (my cousin) together with his family, the wedding couple, lil' sis n cousin, here come my 'akek'(granpa-on the right side)and finally my DADDY & MUMMY!!


  1. waa..nan totally different la kw...

  2. haha..make over la katakan..first time bah make up tebal2 gia..huhu..

  3. aiseh..cewek2 sdah stella..eheh..