Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm back for today post..

jeez!!! 3 nights i cant access internet..that's TOTALLY CRAZY..Finally, today im back for more stories..hahah..Okay, let me start with today's experience. Well I started my class at 10 am this morning. And I really like my tech. quan lecture as i understood most of the topics so far. Later then, i have my MA lecture which i really loved too. In my perspective, our MA's lecturer is not bad as what i've heard before.. Or maybe she's good in teaching but probably strict in marking, so i still have no intention to evaluate her. Let just see after Quiz 1. After that i have my tutorial class for tech. quan and it is the best tutorial so far. I understand every single thing she tries to explain. Next, i have my taxation lecture in the afternoon and the worst, it is 2 hours lecture..and it make me SICK as i dont really understand what he is trying to tells us. Never come across my mind to have lecture such as what i had for taxation.. I probably can say that only 5% i can get from the lecture and other than that are CRAPS!! ok, forget about that.. Lets talk about how i've changed a bit for this semester..haha..for the first time, i entered library to borrow books for revision.. owh noooo...never did that before unless the books are use for assignments and not for revisions..haha..GOOD thing girl..keep it up.. So, to all my friends, please keep supporting me in my studies..Do guide me if i'm lost..hahah..I really need to redeem back my previous pointer..I just don't want to be a loser..huhu..

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