Sunday, January 31, 2010

Over or under estimate??

I think most of us have received our PTPTN or scholarships for this semester. Some of us might have prepare their budget earlier and so do I. Well, i have settled down my fees last week and for sure there are some balance left. I mean it is really huge amount of money and I need to make a proper budget so that I can spend the money wisely.It just that I think i will spend lot of money this semester because i'm thinking to have my driving license this semester and it cost about RM700. Then, during this Chinese New Year holiday, I might going to somewhere else together with my friends and I know lot of cash will be spent out.And, I also wanted to buy new laptop "SONY VIAO" but most probably i will try to have it during my final year. At least i can use it for my final year project..hehe..After a lot of planning, luckily i have put some of the balance in my saving account. yeah, I'm saving bit by bit since last year as I've planned to go Korea for another 2 years. =) arghhh..can't wait for my "KOREA VISIT".. hahah..So in order to gain more income, I need to have my part-time job during end of this semester break...waseh2..gain more,spent less.. can i did that??let just see at the end of this semester.. =)

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