Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunway Pyramid

heh..I like it!! for sure i love shopping in sunway pyramid compare to other malls.. Unfortunately it is damn far from my campus so i just can not afford to go there every time I need my shopping therapy..In Sunway Pyramid, there are so many choices, nice designed of clothes and the price is also affordable..Last Tuesday, I went to Sunway Pyramid together with my friends. Upon arriving there, we looked for special place to eat and it ended up at MR. TEPPANYAKI..yeah..we ate japanese foods..Actually I'm looking for Korean foods but I have no idea why we ended up at MR TEPPANYAKI place..Luckily, the foods was okay and guess what?? Datuk Ismail Sabri a.k.a Dafi's Dad sitting next to our table together with his wife and Dafi's lil' bro.. Later then, we watched people playing ice skate and how one of my friend suddenly wanted to have her own experience play ice skating too. After we walked around for a while, we came back to the ice skating court. Since two of my friends really wanted NOT to play the ice skating as they are too afraid of falling and my other friend was not feeling well, so I am the only one who need to accompany my other friend,Jessica playing the ice skate..I have NO REGRET at all playing the ice skate..I do have my own experince too!!hahah..Actually there is no big different playing ice skate with roller blade/skate.. Once you know how to balance yourself, that will be pretty fine..I really enjoy played ice skating and for sure I will go there again next time and play more.. And i do love the cute gloves i used during the ice skating..Although there is no SNOW in malaysia, I still owned one snow-glove..hahah..

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