Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Top 10 Flower Boys..Saranghae..

HYUN JOONG oppa, pretty boy will be my first oppa..haha..

Here come sexy Si Won oppa in 2nd..

It's min ho 3rd..he's not my oppa but my dong saeng..haha..

Cool Jang geun suk in 4th

Cute Ki Bum in 5th

Handsome Lee Min Ho in 6th.

Korean rockstar, Jung Yong Hwa in 7th.

Steady Jung Eui Chui in 8th..

Baby DongHae in 9th

Hero the Prince in 10th.

woow..all these guys are awesome..


  1. ngahaha..yeah i know!! he looks sexy in the, don't stare at him for too long..he might be shy..ngahaha.. =D