Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Seriously, i just cant wait to be home for Christmas. Today i will fly back to my hometown.. woohoo~~ Actually this week is the last week for this semester. Then i will have my study week for a week & final exam coming soon which my first paper will be on the January 3rd 2012. Gahhhh!! Just wondering why The Ministry of Higher Education has to change the schedule out of sudden this year. Well this is my first time to have a final exam right after new year and christmas during study week.. hmm..lazy i want to talk more on it as it will considered as a sensitivity issue again. DANG IT!! But thanks God my dad bought me the ticket for me to go back for Christmas. The reason i love my family more.. hehe!! :D Never in my life i went out from the lecture room right after my presentation because i have to rush to the airport & catch up my flight. Once again, i thanked God for providing me great friends who are willing to help me & drove me to the airport. Without them, i might be in trouble..heheh.. ^_^

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December Post

This is my first post in this month. Yeah, been busy for the past weeks and thanked God everything is nearly settle bit by bit. Last week, i've submitted my proposal for final year project paper. Yet i still need to do some amendment before submit the final softcopy to my supervisor by this week. Somehow, after struggling with my test 2, midterms and assignments finally everything is coming to an end soon.. i mean very soon.. but heyyyy!!! FINAL EXAM is waiting for me after my Christmas holiday.. DANG IT!!! this is not great and it is not AWESOME at all!!! for sure, it will ruin my Christmas mood..huhu. =( but that's okay.. will start doing my revision bit by bit starting from today. And of course i'll start it with a prayer & i believe God will lead me through all these difficulties. Amen. owh by the way, more stories going to be posted soon. wuahahhaha.. ^_^