Tuesday, July 24, 2012


these few days, something keeps appearing on my mind.. it was a thing that i have thought of long time ago. regarding my future & which way shall i choose? Before this i always wanted to continue my studies in master's degree. But then, each decision i make will come out with many consequences. Let say if i choose to further my studies, where should i go, what course should i take, how long will it be and so on. And if i choose to continue working, i know i may not be able to continue my studies after this. Though i ever thought of working for 2 years first then only continue study, it seems impossible to me as for me, once i'm attach to certain responsibility, i will not be able to let it off so easily. Right now, i only can pray and continue praying to let God shows me the way He has provided for me. Because i believe, He knows better than me.. Dear God, lead me to Your way in order for me to make a better decision. Amen.

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