Thursday, October 4, 2012


finally finally && finally.. i've been dreaming to have my own car all this while & jeng jeng jeng..finally the waiting is over & i managed to fulfill one of my biggest wish this year. ^_^ actually i never thought it could be this fast as before this i was just hoping that this year i can complete my degree successfully & yesss i did it and hey??!!  feel so blessed as i have fulfilled many wishes by this year. and I know, God is working with all of these in my life.. Thank you, Jesus. =) Now started to aiming a bit higher which is to have my own house before 30 years old & to have my own business before 35.. hehehe.. starts working harder from now on.. 

btw, this is it.. taken on the 1st day after receiving it. just managed to take photo from back view. sooner will post some photos of it from diff angles.  =)

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  1. I know I’m a bit too late, but congratulation on the new car! I know how it feels to finally achieve one of your dreams, and owning your very first car. I bet you were excited to drive it, and at the same time happy to finally own one. I bet that even when you hit 35, you’ll still be driving this cool car.

    @Sebastian Gaydos