Wednesday, February 3, 2010

3rd Feb. 2010

erm..Today's class started at 10am and it was Audit Lecture.So far, I do like the lecture because our lecturer kinda funny and sometimes annoying too.Why not?? He always got me to answers his sudden-questions.After one hour lecture, we rushed to Faculty Bahasa for our English tutorial. We usually arrived for the tutorial 30 minutes late. Why not?? we need to catch for a bus that passing-by the faculty and there are not many buses passing by the faculty.Sometimes it took more than 20 minutes for us to wait for the bus. Luckily, our lecturer understands our problem although at first he really get mad on us because we are not punctual on time. Then, we need to rush back to our faculty for Managerial Accounting's Lecture.Owh..Usually at this time I am truly exhausted and that is why sometimes i cannot focus in the lecture.Sorry Madam Bad for not concentrating in your class. After 2 hours lecture, then I have my lunch.That is the time where I can catch back my breath and cooling down. For sure one hour isn't enough as I need to attend another 2 hours lecture..And the worst, it was lecture for Company Law.oooooooooo!!!!Imagined i need to hear all the cases and sections in the VERY THICK LAW got my head spinning once again and my eyes need to be shut for a minute.CHARGING!!!and i need CHEWING GUM!!! LAter then, we went to the library, I mean outside the library, not INSIDE the library and take a look of some photos shot in Sabah. Then,went back to college and sleep!!!! zzz... =)

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