Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Well!! Since I can not sleep early tonight, so I will try to share something here what had happened around me recently.Hmm.. For sure, most of us need friend in our life.It would be a little bit strange if you can live alone without anybody else around you. Of course our family will be the best person in our life but don't we know that friends also can be our family. Especially when we are far apart from our family, we will try as hard as possible to find at least one 'chingu' a.k.a friend that will always stay besides us and share our tears and laughter together. To have a really nice and understanding friend wasn't easy. Sometimes it took more than a year for us to get close and understand each other.But don't we ever think that why it is very easy for us to hurt our friend's feeling rather than make them feel happy with us. In friendship, there should be no egos and also being too selfish. Before this, I am a person that never appreciate friendship. But when I am far away from my family, that is how I realized how important a person called friend in our life. But then, sometimes we can not avoid to make any mistake that can ruin the friendship we have develop. But we are all human and for sure everyone make mistakes. What make us different is the way we accept the mistakes and apologies or to make it clear the way we are thinking.Maybe you think you can survive being yourself without any friends but do you really think that your heart can accept all the loneliness in your life. Maybe I'm not a perfect friend that you ever wanted, but once again look yourself, do you think you can be the great friend of others. I still remember an advise given by my high school teacher long before. She told us when you are surrounded with many people, if only one person dislikes then the problem come from that person. But if many people around you dislike you, that's mean you yourself are having the problem.Once you have found friends that really understand you, please don't let them go. It will be impossible for you to find another one better than what you have now. It's easy to find part-time friends but full-time friends really need longer time for us to know and understand each other. Love your friend the way you love your family and that is how they will be part of your family..To all my 'CHINGUYA' I really appreciate all of your support and in fact I still need it until now.. SARANGHAEYO!!

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