Friday, February 12, 2010

Heart vs Hurt

ouch..once again, my heart hurt and how i feel so dumb..what was wrong with me?? waiting for something unsure is really FUCKING HURT..I'm scared to say it out but keeping it inside make me suffer a lot and still i'm not ready with what you have told me before..I am still confuse with my own feeling and i can't drag you into this problem..i am so sorry for making you feel guilty about what i've said to you before. I can't have you but at the same time i can't lose you. I know I'm too selfish about this but you have promised me to wait until my final answer.. I hope your decision going away to SYDNEY is not because of the problem we are having right now.Just give me more time and hopefully i will be able to give you my whole heart for you..Hope to see you soon as I really miss your jokes and laughters..

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