Thursday, February 11, 2010

holiday is coming soon!!

yeepie!!yeepie!! holiday is coming soon..I am so so damn happy as i can have enough rest and feel free continue watching my dramas and movies..there are too many dramas n movies queuing up in my list..hahah..AIGOO!!SHIRO..i shouldn't think my holiday going to be that easy..exams are waiting for me after this holiday then many programs need to be handle..argh!! MICHIGETDA AH!!!naa..what am i suppose to do??now, everything is messing up on my mind..doing this and that!! Holiday for a week doesn't make sense for us..that is not ENOUGH for us to prepare everything...gagaga..whatever i look like i care?? long as i'm happy and not stress at all during this holiday that will be pretty fine..HAPPY HOLIDAY guys..yuhuu.. =D

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