Saturday, March 13, 2010


AWESOME!!hah..that is how i wanna describe my day today..this morning we rent a car from first we went to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara at Putrajaya..yeah.. 3 of my friends need to renew their IC as they have reached 21 years old this year..wakaka..and we get lost for the 1st time in Putrajaya when we are searching for JPN's building..Finally, we found it which was actually infront of 'Mahkamah Negara'. After settle everything in JPN, we went to alamanda which is also situated in Putrajaya..for me, there is nothing interesting at alamanda..It just the same as other malls too. But,we actually take most of our time in alamanda watching movie 'Niyang Rapik'..After that, we get back to our college and rest for a while..Around 8pm, we planned to go 'South City Plaza' and there we shopped a lot of stuff..I even bought one small japanese table for me to study on my bed..haha..and it's CUTE!!Totally cute with ABC's written on it..hahah..but the funniest thing happened before we reached south city plaza is we lost in highway..i mean, we took the wrong way and how we ended up at stesen LRT Sungai Besi..Luckily, we managed to find out any u-turn to go back to the place we suppose to be..hehe..then,after a long shop at south city plaza, we went to kajang for dinner..yeah.. last week i did went to kajang and have some sate kajang and today i made it again..wahh.. I LOVE SATE!!nyum2.. For sure, before we get to our destination, we lost again..hahah..owh..i just can't imagine how many time we got lost today..but everything we ended up finding the right way and have our amazing time together..and i think our life also can be that way..sometimes we also can get lost with our life, but if you have faith in you, i'm sure there will be more ways for you to reached the destinations..i really learn something today.. Although our journey make me really exhausted, i still can feel the excitement and the best moments we had for this semester..hahah..and the BEST thing happen before we get back to UPM is how our driver who is one of my friend speed his car when passing the plaza tol..he actually needs to get a ticket from the counter where we need to pay for the tol at other counter before arrive at UPM.. so, without any ashamed, we apologised to the person who is in charged at the i think a case like this only happened to shows how excited we were..hahah..

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