Sunday, March 14, 2010

drama again!!! -Stars Falling From The Sky-

hye3..yeah,just because i feel free today, i'm going to post a lot of stuff let me tell you guys about one of new drama in 2010 I've been followed since last January..Up until today, there are 18 episodes I've been watched and to me, i really like the drama very much..The drama started with good stories in the very beginning..and the climax make me wanted to watch more and more from the drama..The drama was actually about 2 workers from insurance company (Jin Pal-kang & Won Kang Ha). Jin Pal-Kang always dream about Won Kang Ha to be her Prince.She tries to catch any attention from Kang-Ha for almost 5 years. But Kang-Ha instead never know about her existence. He never care about everything that happened around him. But after the sudden death of Pal-Kang parent, she needs to take care of her 5 younger siblings and that is how she became someone with full responsibilities and worked at Kang-Ha's house as housekeeper..Then, what happen next??watch it will be a good thing if i can make any summary like this in my exams or assignments..owh,ok!!back to the story..And until today, there is only 2 episodes left and i just can't wait to watch it until the end..argh..and i know usually at the end,it will be a happy ending for any kdrama.. But,hopefully the happy ending for this drama will be different from others..hahah..

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