Wednesday, March 3, 2010


wargh..i am very tired..exams, assignments and programs are making my life up side down.. Everyday i couldn't catch enough sleep and rest..DAMNED!!! I can't wait to have my holidays..I can do whatever i like..I even can sleep whole day long without any disturbance... I can watch many dramas and movies anytime.. I can play my guitar as loud as i want..I can eat whatever i love..I can have my time reading my favourite story books..Owh, HOLIDAYS!!!i really need you..come as fast as you are some activities within these few weeks:

05th march: Interview for assignment in Bangi
07th march: Midterm for Management Accounting 2
08th march: Second test for Company Law
11th march: Midterm Taxation
13th march: Senior's Night Program
14th march: Second Test for Writing
16th march: Midterm for Technique Quantitative
23th march: Entrepreneurship Night

God,help me to go through all these things..and give me the strength.. =)

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