Monday, April 26, 2010

Biggest Loser Ding Dong

hye!! tonight i came up with one idea where i make a bet with my friend that both of us will try to lose our weight during this holiday..thats sound pretty funny is it?? but i think this is it, the time for me to make an improvement for myself too..hahah..since both of us have cute size, so i'm thinking that why don't both of us make a bet and try to lose our weight during this holidays?? and since he's agreed with the idea, i'm getting excited too for the bet..hahah..whoever win this bet, will have a chance to eat at Kenny Rogers for free as the loser will pay for it..nah..Stel, what u waiting for?? you can do it..i mean u really can DO IT!!!jaga ko AWANG ya!!!standby jak duit byk2 sem depan pakai blanja aku..herm.. =)

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