Monday, April 5, 2010


halo!!annyonghaesayo..yeah..YUKIKO is back with more stories..hahah..but it just that i'm not free enough to post all my stories in here..well, at least i'm done with my assignments and now i just need to focus for my final exams..another 25 days left and i'm just too excited to get back to my hometown..owh MIRI!!! you just don't know how much i miss you..gagaga!!!after i'm done with my final, i will update my blog with latest korean news..yeah..i know..some of you guys are KOREAN FREAKS just like me..damn you..hahah..owh, before i forgot i just wanted to say "HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY" to EUNHYUK(SUJU)..he's 24 years old now(korean calendar)..yeah, i've seen his pictures at Shin Dong's profile..Seems like they are having small party with Suju's members and also one of f(x) member..yeah..they are currently busy with their new project and that is why no grand celebration for EUNHYUK..but that's okay..hopefully EUNHYUK will be much healthier and happier..!!hahah.. SANG-IL CHUKAHAMNIDA!!if you are infront of me right now, i'm going to dance GEE-SNSD for you as a present from me..ngahaha.. GEE(4x) BABY(2x) BABO~~

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