Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Halo guys.. FYI, I feel a little bit disappointed today after receiving my midterm results.. It just that i can not accept why i am not able to score well in all subjects..some revisions have been made before the exams and yet, my results still the same..owh..what am i suppose to do??should i lock myself in the room and study for 24 hours..THAT WAS CRAZY YUUUUUU!!! argh.. So, in order to overcome all these frustrations, i set another new goals..yeah..hopefully it will be simple and achievable.. Why do we need goals??? HYE!!! everyone needs goals. Having goals makes you more successful because they keep your mind in what is important to you.. But make sure the goals you have set for yourself are achievable..Hopefully, you guys will not end up just like me!!! I AM IN FRUSTRATION MODE NOWWWWW!!!aaaaaaaaa!!!! MICHIGETDA!!!!

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