Sunday, June 6, 2010

06062010!!! it is my lucky number.. =))

JEJU ISLAND!!!! has been quite long i didn't post any new stories in here..yeah2..been very very busy lately..yea i know i'm not an artist nor a businesswoman but still i'm a human who has to work & earn more money for me to enjoy..hahah..betul bah.. last month so many things dah aku "list'kan in my "THINGS OWNED BY ME" list book..hehe..i really can't help myself anymore..i need to own few things and i know that "THINGS" aren't easy or cheaper for me to get it instantly.. but who care?? i worked hard to earn my own money..luckily both my mummy & daddy quite supportive them so so much..then, aku mau buat saving far, aku dah collect around 'ehem2' ringgit.. so my target, hopefully can collect secukup2nya within these two years..i've found the best package dah & just nak tunggu booking ticket & make confirmation..wahahah..giler2 punya keja duh!!!and lagi satu, next sem my friends and i are planning to go Singapore..herm..

wanna go SINGAPORE with me???
shuhhh!!!so many things to buy & so many places to go..yoo!!!!pa dah jadi ngan aku tok???hmm... owh ya, i just wanna wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY OPPA, KIM HYUN JOONG!!!yeah,that's what i mean by my lucky number..i've made one special video for him last 2 was just a simple video & i just don't care what others say bout it.. ^_^

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