Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What do you want??

owh..today i add more things in my wish list. I'm sure each and everyone of us here have your own wish list. & so do I..huhu.. latest in my wish list is an Iphone 4..yaaaaa, chinguya!!!what do you think about Iphone 4?? I think Iphone 4 is cool & awesome..can i have one??huhu..for sure i can't get it right now..not even later..ok..that's fine..maybe something good will come up again later.. who knows?? ok2..actually, right now aku just target new laptop. I want my laptop to be purple or red in colour.. i have black one already so not interested in black anymore..heheh.. OMO OMO!!! so if RED COLOUR, aku dah target satu laptop brand SONY VAIO..It look great & hot with the red colour.. & if aku mau PURPLE COLOUR, maybe I will buy DELL..hmm..

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