Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Like a bird.. ^_^

On Nov 15th 2010, I officially ended my final examination for this semester.. Don't you know how much the day mean for me?? I mean it was a day that i've been waiting for since the very beginning of this semester. Free from any obligations( business word). hahah.. my last paper was an Investment Analysis. To tell you the truth, i cant answer the questions well enough. I'm pretty sure that i am going to fail the paper. i can't do anything right now. Just pray for a miracle from God. I know He will never let us feel down. So what has past, just let it be. Then after the exam, my friends & i rented a car & we went to the shopping mall bought some stuffs for our barbecue activity. Later that night, we're having our first barbecue for the semester together with our juniors. wow, that night was AWESOME!! We enjoyed the foods very much as we enjoyed all the gossips around us..hahah.. =)Here are some photos that I've captured that night.

Both my friends with their perfect smile..

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