Thursday, November 18, 2010

I killed the Day!!! =)

Nov 16th, I went to the Berjaya Times Square Shopping Mall together with my friend. First we have our lunch at the Kopitiam. Then, we start our shopping therapy. hahah.. actually my mission on that day was looking for wedges && dresses for my sister and at the same time for me, myself too.hahah.. =D After i bought a black dress for my sister, i got myself a black wedges too. Then, i bought another wedges for my sister. fuhhh!! My friend && i entered almost every stores in the Times Square. && of course my legs hurt so bad. On the same day, Korean Food Fair was held at the ground floor of the mall. Dang!!! you know me..i really can't handle myself when it come to things like these..ngahaha.. =D The result, i bought a lot of Korean foods there.. Here are some photos of it:

By the way, I went to the Face Shop outlet too. Gah!! I am too excited after seeing a big photo of KIM HYUN JOONG oppa on the wall. Since I've got nothing to buy for in the outlet, I got myself a red nail polish from THE FACE SHOP && I am satisfied with it. The quality is good & the price is quite reasonable. No regret of getting one for myself..heheh..

Since Christmas is coming nearer, there are so many Christmas trees we can see in the mall. Almost every corner of the mall was decorated with Christmas trees && gifts.
Then, we shopped for more items before we got back to our college. My friend & I arrived college around 10pm.

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