Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hello Buddies. I'm back again today.. Well, guess what?? It is my birthday today.. I know today is the last day of November. &&& let me officially ended the month with my special day..hahah.. =D Today, i feel very lucky & happy because God gives me chance to live up until today.Hallelujah.. To be honest, i feel a lil' bit sad too cause i'm getting older.. When your age increase each year, automatically your responsibilities are increasing too.. so what do we call that thing?? owh yeah.. "Positively correlation". But then i realized, for the past days i had in my life, everyday is a special & wonderful day for me. When i'm happy, sad, cry, hate, love, anger,depressed, weak & all these feelings, there are something special behind it created by God. & for sure this 21 years old girl(i'm not a girl not yet a woman) still has something needs to be achieved && fulfilled. I guess being 21 is just the beginning of a real life for a girl like me. =)So let me write down my 21 wishes for today:

(1) I want to be one of the best person in God's eyes.. *i may not be perfect in
human eyes, but each of us is special in God's eyes*
(2) I want my mum & dad to be proud of having me as their daughter. * i know they
always do*
(3) I want the happiness in my family will be forever.
(4) I want all my siblings and me myself success in our career and studies as well.
(5) I'm happy because my big families(grandma,grandpa,uncles,aunties,cousins,nieces,
nephews)always gathered together *almost every week* and I hope this will go on
(6) I want to graduate on time which is in the middle of 2012.
(7) I want to meet Choi Siwon & Kim Hyun Joong.
(8) I want to get more friends than what I have right now.
(9) I want to complete my Korean lesson by the end of next year (2011) where at least
I can speak & fully understood the words spoken in daily life.
(10)I want to have an Iphone by next year.

(11)I want to focus in healthy lifestyle.
(12)I want to save as much as i can for my convocation trip to Korea at the end of
2012. *winter time*
(13)I want to get the highest CGPA in my final year. *will try my best & stay focus*
(14)I want to visit Singapore next year.
(15)I want to have the biggest gift next year. *hahah*
(16)I want to receive a hug from my idols. ^_^
(17)I want to learn playing drum.
(18)I want to get involve in charity.
(19)I want my room full with framed posters.
(20)I want to win big prizes next year. *getting ready to join any quizzes* ^_^
(21)I want to join dancing class this year.


  1. wish you the best << God bless you ...

  2. thank you. =) btw, i've achieved some of the wishes & thanked God He guided me all the way to achieve what i've been wanted all this while. =)God bless you too.