Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Lonely Road.

Yesterday, today & tomorrow, life isn't that easy for you to be happy & smile all the time. Yesterday, i realized something that really hurt me so badly. Heart broken, tears rolling, empty mind, lost my self esteem....... big question in my head... WHY??? do you guys have to be bias in everything?? You think your people are all successful and smart?? BULLSHIT!!!! do you have no respect toward others?? even if my performance isn't good, do you have to act like that in front of me?? instead of looking down on me, shouldn't you try to teach me and share your knowledge with someone new in this field?? infact i am just a trainee. But thanked God because He has shows me my weakness and for that, I will try to improve myself from time to time. I just don't care anymore what you people gonna say && act. Maybe i just don't belong in the group of people but for some reason, i will take it positively.

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