Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Show 3 Live in Malaysia - Part 3

Hey hey hey.. i'm back for today post. Actually i'm not feeling very well today but i have great news today. Well, Super Show 3 in Malaysia has been finalized since the ticket price has been released today. I know, i know.. The price is damn expensive but what to do?? I just hope that last year memories won't repeat again this year. I really really wanted to be there. >_< I pray every moment asking God to fulfill my dream & let me be in Super Show 3 standing right in front of them especially Siwon oppa. Thank you God for everything. There's still long way for the show, and I pray asking for a blessing from You. If you guys haven't know the ticketing price yet, here is the list.

* Rock Pitt (RM 480)

* Terrace Seats (RM 480)

* Balcony Seats (RM 370)

* Partial Restricted View (RM 220)

here's the seating plan for Super Show 2 in Malaysia last year. Maybe they will use the same seating plan since it is in the same venue.

And this is the seating plan for Super Show 3 in Singapore recently. Most probably it can be like this too since the organizer is from Singapore. heheh.

Anyway, how will the stage look like, we will just need to wait further info from the organizer. Well, I'm getting excited for it.. fuhhhh *sweating*.. Siwon oppa keep appearing on my mind right now. =D

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