Friday, July 15, 2011


Hey, i saw this topic trending in the twitter list since yesterday. So i was thinking of writing some facts on me here since i got nothing much to do right now. Thanks TWITTER for giving me an idea..heheh..but what i can say is, if you really read this post CAREFULLY & know 40 THINGS about me & ACCEPTED the way i am, you're most welcome to be my friends. hahah.. :D I can be a good friend to anyone actually. *hugs*
Let's start with a long introduction of myself.hahah. 40 facts remember?? ^_^

1. Full name: Stella Lihan
2. Born on: November 30th. 1989
3. Hometown: Miri, Sarawak (Malaysia)
4. Race: Kayan
5. Religion: Christian (Borneo Evangelical Mission)
6. Family: Daddy,mummy,2 elder brothers & little sister.
7. Education: Bachelor(Degree) of Accountancy (currently in final year)
8. Hobbies: Reading news, watching movies, composing songs, twittering, blogging,facebooking & online-ing. ^_^
9. Ideal guy: CHOI SIWON (respectable, gentleman, funny, a lil bit shy sometimes playful && the most important is a strong Christian with loyalty) heheh.. :p
10. Status: my heart taken by Siwon oppa (hahah)

11. Fav foods: anything taste yummy especially mum's cooking & daddy as well.
12. My fav. bands: Mostly punk rock & alternative rock bands
13. My fav. kpop groups: I like most of the kpop groups. But i love SUPER JUNIOR & SS501 even more. *being their fans more than 5 years, what more can i say*
14. Fav. destinations: Seoul, Liverpool, Paris, New Zealand, Venice & more.
15. Fav. football clubs: Liverpool(fans of The Reds since 8 years old)& Barcelona.
16. Fav. footballers: Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard, Iker Casillas, Fernando Torres,Lionel Messi & Kim HyunJoong<< pls consider this guy too. :D
17. Fav. movies: horror, thriller, action & romantic comedy
18. Fav. dramas: Korean Drama
19. Fav. songs: A LOT!!!!
20. Fav. fruits: Banana, Durian, Mangoes & Watermelon

21. My idols: Jesus Christ & my daddy.
22. I like: kids,adventurous activities,being playful,cooking,travelling,shopping etc
23. I dislike: Backstabber, insects etc..
24. When I'm bored: i used to do crazy things. :D
25. I always wanted: to be a lawyer but end up taking accountancy as my major.
26. When someone talked bad about me: i will get mad & curse but then i will forgive them after few hours & pray, asking for forgiveness from God.
27. Good & Bad thing about me: I always fight for my right. *hard to cure*
28. People's first impression: I look so arrogant. *LOL*
29. But actually: I am quite friendly & very talkative. *handle my words with care*
30. Whenever my friends feel sad & down: I will cheer them up & put back a smile on their face but when i feel so down, they never cheer me up cause I never show them my sad face. I will keep it by myself & cheer myself up with exciting activities.

31. I feel happy: when I get what i targeted & when people around me feels happy too.
32. So please don't: show your sad face to me. *you'll make me sad too*
33. When i was in highschool: I used to be a punk rock lover..*well-known as a ROCKERS until i continue my study in matriculation*
34. Negative character: STUBBORN!!
35. Positive Character: NEVER GIVE UP!!
36. After highschool: ever went for National Service Training *3 months military training after high school.COMPULSORY*
37. Being: in Red Crescent Society during my high school & now i wanted to continue my duty as a volunteer whenever i have the chance.
38. my twitter account is: stellahyunjae *please noted out that there is an account that using my real name. i don't know who's the owner so be careful*
39. My wedding wish: get married in a church & having a wedding party on a cruise.
40. Lastly: love me the way you want to be loved & respect me the way you want to be respected. Adios!!!

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