Saturday, July 9, 2011

Freaky Tuesday!!! ^_^ Girl's Talk

Just now while i was sitting alone in my bedroom, i was thinking of deleting all unnecessary messages in my inbox. In case if there is really an important message that need to be kept, so i browse & read all the messages one by one until i found one of this message sent by my friend *a kpop lover* at one night. This is around 12.09am. The conversation is in Bahasa Sarawak so i include english translation. Hope you enjoy reading it.haha.. :D

meerayie: babe,gerek ko kat kbs now. (babe, your boyfriend at kbs now)

*once i received the msg, i turn on the tv & watch kbs channel*

me: xda dah.huhu..pasal pa ya tek? (no more.huhu. what was that story about?)

meerayie: hyun joong oppa. (hyun joong oppa)

*was a bit relieved* :D *guess why?*

me: guerilla date ka? tauk sik sapa first on my mind? Siwon oppa..hahah. ya tek heran
apa siwon polah kat kbs.hehe. ( is it guerilla date? you know who's the first on
my mind? Siwon oppa..hahah..that's why i feel so weird, what he's doing in

meerayie: Hahaha. Siwon ur husband. Hyun joong tahap gerek. LoL.Siwon now, happy??
keke.. Suju.
(Hahaha. Siwon is your husband. Hyun Joong is your boyfriend. LOL. Siwon
now, happy?? keke... Suju.

*while i was asking about siwon before i knew that my friend is actually talking about hyunjoong, suddenly a video of siwon really came up with the fellow Suju members as well*

me: yeap.bok jak ckp pasal nya.hahah. (yes. we were just talking about him.hahah)

Meerayie: Phewitt!! Mk ketawa tok! haha! (phewitt!! i want to laugh! haha!)

aie heh. kenak kah?hahah. sik on9 ka?heheh. (ouh. why?hahah.not online ka?heheh.)

meerayie: ya lah..ko baruk jak sebut namanya tek, pa polah nya rah kbs? Terus nya keluar. LoL. :p online tek, jap lok. Gik mamam.hehe.
(ya lah. you was just asking about him what he does in kbs? then he suddenly appear. LoL. :p just now i on9. hold on. eat first.hehe)

me: ya lah tek. slalu gia.mala jak kbtln bila nyebut pasal nya.mun cita ngan am pun gia juak.hahah. yoh, lwt juak mkn.hahah. (ya lah.always like that. everytime i said something bout him, he will appear. If i talk with am also like that.haha. yoh, you eat very late.hahah.)

hahah..for your information, Siwon oppa & HyunJoong oppa was both my top super bias.. But based from the conversation above, you must know which one i wanted more to stay with & who was mostly on my mind.Naughty Stella!!! ^_^


  1. They also was a FRIEND !! aiiggoo stella !! u must be careful !! ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

  2. hahah..extra be careful.. what a small world. luckily im not that super crazy over jae joong..