Friday, November 11, 2011

(Oct 14th) 3rdWave Fanmeeting with Brian Joo, Alexander Eusebio & Pastor Johnny

Annyeonghaseyo!! ^_^

Once again, it's been quite long i didn't turn up here & write down a complaint letter as what i usually did last time..hahah.. :D should i blame my studies for this??ahh~~ forget bout it..ngee~~ well, for you to know, many & many great things happened this year and i feel grateful to have such amazing memories. And for today, i was about to share what i did last month.. yeah, i know i know!! it happened last month but only today i have this chance to share the joy with you guys.hehe!! :p maybe to you guys, it was just not that greeeeaaaat, but to MEEEE i will absolutely never ever forget about what happened that night..hahah.. this wasn't a surprise anyway since i've put everything at the above title..hahaa!! and YESSSS!!! i met them that night at Boulevard Hotel..luckily the place wasn't that far from my university & i managed to catch the last train back to my hostel. owh by the way, i went there with my cousin, Cath.. Even before the fanmeeting, we did a lot of crazy things at Mid Valley as we were actually trying to cover our excitement & nervousness.. To make it short, we spent nearly 2 hours with them in the fanmeeting & I got the chance to go on stage get a personal autograph from Brian oppa & PJ..

and i managed to capture a great photo with Brian oppa & PJ too. How i wish i can get xander's photo too.huhu~~ but somehow, it was a great night & i never imagine to have this kind of opportunity especially seeing them right infront of me and shake their hand before.. and to be honest, after i received my first 3rdwave CD earlier this year, i prayed that one day i'll have the chance to go for their concert & watch them sing the songs on the stage. guess what??? yes, it just happened!! i wasn't dreaming~~ AWESOME!!! ^_^

*i wish i can tell you guys the whole story & more detail bout that night, but i'm scared i will have to do it until tomorrow morning. i did talked a lot!!* haha!! =)

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