Sunday, March 18, 2012

me back here again.. why you no miss me?? ^_^ back again~~ when was it the last time i updated my blog?? it's not that i forgot but i was too lazy & when the time i wanted to write something, suddenly many works waiting for me..hohoho~~ most probably the time envy me the most..hehe.. by the way, how you guys doing? hope everything is fine & goes pretty well with what you guys had planned. and me?? did i ever mention that im currently in my final semester?? since it is my final semester, i didnt have many classes like before but i have to focus more on my final year paper (thesis).. gahhh.. well, luckily i've completed & submitted my questionnaire to my supervisor & he said everything is okay & i can proceed with my data collection. Most probably im going to collect the data by this week until next week. i guess thats all for tonight.nothing much i wanna share with you guys but yeah, i do need your prayers so that everything goes well for this semester & i can complete my degree by this june. =) Thank you & God bless you all, my dear friends. *hugs*

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