Monday, May 7, 2012

what i feel tonight??

just 2 minutes away before sunday turn to be monday..ouh yeah!! welcome back monday and yeah, tonight i feel a lil' bit stress as according to my academic calendar, this week is week 11.. the sad news is i have to pass up my final year project paper a.k.a thesis within week 12 which means next weeeekkkk.. and right now i haven't started yet with my data analysis and many things need to be done within this week. nearly cry when i think what will i have to do for the following days & how much sleeping hours can i have within this week. But then i tried to be positive and i told myself just bear w it for this week and after next week enjoy as much as i can. yeah, i cant wait for the day..the day that i'll call myself as an official graduated student of Bachelor in Accountancy. after 4 years struggling with exams & assignments, what more can i say?? i'll pray that everything will go smoothly until i receive that 0.02g transcript paper during my convocation. God bless me. =) hwaiting stella!!!

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