Tuesday, June 19, 2012


hmmm..finally my 4 years degree is over.. guess what i feel?? to be honest, i dont feel excited at all as what i thought before.. i am surely miss all the memories of going to classes, hanging around with friends, the pressure of having test the next day and of course staying up whole night just to complete the assignments. i rather to have those kind of memories than sleeping early at night just to keep yourself fully recharge the next morning just because you have to wake up early and get yourself to the office & do your works for 8 hours until evening.. ouhhhh.. but yeah, life must go on.. everyone growing up, not to forget your responsibility growing up as well. but still, 4 years of my university life meaning a lot for me. it gives me lot of experiences that i've never went through before. good, bad, sweet, bitter everything was mixed up. by the way, few days ago i looked over all the photos from my 1st year in university. seems like i do changed a lot but i guess to the positive way.hahah.. :D halleluyah for that.. and yeah, i will start working this friday..cant you see that?? i am very hard-working person.hahah.. well actually i just wanted to gain some experience first. I've set my own goal & planning as well. But no matter how you plan your life, let just leave it in God's hand. He knows better than us. ^_^ Hopefully, through the experiences, i can improve myself to be much better person and of course mature enough to handle all things around me by myself. Mum & Dad always taught me that there's a time that you have to experience the pain before you can succeed in your life. Never stop praying and be thankful in all circumstances.. Lord Jesus, thank you for giving me a loving parent.

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