Sunday, July 1, 2012

what's next??

yeah.. what's next right after you graduating?? of course working though some of my friends prefer to have a very long holiday first. But not me.. Well, i used to believe in self-planning with God's way, indeed that's what im doing right now. and so far, everything that i've planned went on very smoothly. Thanks God for that.
Some people used to think that they only can take action when opportunity comes but for me, i believe the opportunity is always there. It just that some of us couldn't see it clearly or still doesn't know whether it's an opportunity or an option. Most of my friends keep asking me, "why do you want to start working very soon? we've just done with our studies, don't you feel tired and take some times to settle down??" Ouh well, that's one of my weaknesses.. i'm too stubborn. whenever i wanted to do the thing, i must do it. whenever i've made a plan, i must proceed with it. well said, i go with the flow. maybe i keep on pushing myself too much but as long as i still can handle it, why don't i just give a try?? if i fail, the choice must be an option but if i succeed, dont you think that was an opportunity?? at the end, you dont lose anything right. So, you don't have to wait for opportunity coming to you, be brave enough to turn the option into opportunity.
Actually, i'm having a dilemma right now. Everyday i keep on thinking whether i've made a right decision when i accepted the job offer. After working for a week, i still doesn't get familiar with this new place & environment. what worst, i feel very lonely here. no friends to talk with and whenever i got home from work, i just stay in my room until the next morning. But as i always take things positively, i dont want those situation become a burden on me for the time being. I'm sure everything will be okay someday or most probably something good might be waiting for me in future. I am still young and i know i'm in a learning process and whatever i'm doing right now, i'll take it as an opportunity for me to gain more experiences and move to the next level of maturity. Though i am alone here, i'm still glad that some of friends still texting me keep on asking am i doing fine here. I'm glad to have family members that are concerned and keep calling me. And the most important is i feel very grateful to have a faithful God who's always protecting me, give me strength and never leave me when i'm down to nothing. That's it for now..heyyy!!! im going to post more after this & get myself active back in this blog.hehe.. =)

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