Tuesday, July 24, 2012


these few days, something keeps appearing on my mind.. it was a thing that i have thought of long time ago. regarding my future & which way shall i choose? Before this i always wanted to continue my studies in master's degree. But then, each decision i make will come out with many consequences. Let say if i choose to further my studies, where should i go, what course should i take, how long will it be and so on. And if i choose to continue working, i know i may not be able to continue my studies after this. Though i ever thought of working for 2 years first then only continue study, it seems impossible to me as for me, once i'm attach to certain responsibility, i will not be able to let it off so easily. Right now, i only can pray and continue praying to let God shows me the way He has provided for me. Because i believe, He knows better than me.. Dear God, lead me to Your way in order for me to make a better decision. Amen.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Honestly, there was once i ever think of regretting my choice to be here.. but then, after nearly 3 weeks here, i started to get used with my routine though sometimes i admit it, im QUITE LAZY with this working life!!! i was thought of getting new job after this month but up until today, feel like im getting used with the work already so i think i wanna stay here for few months more. but then, that's still depending on my current mood which keep on changing.. >_< my boss was quite okay, he is so concern & willing to teach you when you have some problems in your works. Same goes to the staffs, they are always willing to share their knowledge. That's a good thing to be here.huhuhu..

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Evening Primrose Oil (EPO)

Hola..today i just wanna share something about epo. Actually i just started consuming it as my food supplement today.. I have lot of health problems especially sensitive skin, acne skin & hair loss problem. Before this, many friends suggested me to try EPO. They said it is good especially for women. I tried to google about it too and i saw many positive feedback from those who consumed it everyday. That's how yesterday i decided to get one for me and i just want to try it for few weeks or months. If it's ok, maybe i should just continue with it. btw, i bought the small bottle of Kordel's brand. Actually i was a bit confused either to have Kordel's, Blackmore or Bio-life but i ended up with Kordel's. :D Based from my reading and information from google-ing, EPO is rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) which was an essential fatty acid.
Medicinal Uses and Indications: EPO is used mostly to relieve the itchiness causes by certain skin conditions, such as eczema and dermatitis. It is also used to ease breast tenderness from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or other causes. Some of the uses for EPO include: Eczema Eczema symptoms include redness and scaling in addition to itching. More than 30 human studies report the benefits of EPO for eczema and dermatitis. A study of 1,207 patients found that EPO helped relieve symptoms from skin conditions, including itching, crusting, edema (fluid, swelling), and redness. EPO can be used in children and adults with skin conditions. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) Many women throughout the world take EPO to reduce symptoms of PMS, although there isn' t any real scientific evidence that it works. In one review of 10 studies that used EPO to treat PMS, only two were well designed. Both of those studies found that EPO had no effect on PMS symptoms. Better studies are needed to know for sure. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) Although a few studies have found that people with RA who took EPO felt better, the studies were hampered by poor design and high drop-out rates. Also, there wasn' t any evidence that taking EPO actually helped slow down the joint damage that happens with RA. Rheumatoid arthritis should be treated with conventional medications, to slow down or stop permanent joint damage. Raynaud' s phenomenon One small study suggests that taking EPO may help reduce symptoms in some people with Raynaud' s phenomenon. But the study found no difference in hand temperature between people who took EPO and those who took placebo. More studies are needed. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is a nerve condition where people with diabetes have numbness, tingling, pain, burning, or lack of sensation in their feet and legs. Two studies have found that GLA may help reduce symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. Breast pain Although there is not a lot of scientific evidence, EPO is widely used to treat breast pain (mastalgia) in a number of European countries. A few studies have found that EPO seemed to help, but they have not been well-designed studies. Other studies show no benefit. Menopausal symptoms Although EPO has gotten popular for treating hot flashes, there is no scientific evidence that it actually helps. Source taken from: http://www.umm.edu/altmed/articles/evening-primrose-000242.htm#ixzz1zkcLVXTY

Sunday, July 1, 2012

what's next??

yeah.. what's next right after you graduating?? of course working though some of my friends prefer to have a very long holiday first. But not me.. Well, i used to believe in self-planning with God's way, indeed that's what im doing right now. and so far, everything that i've planned went on very smoothly. Thanks God for that.
Some people used to think that they only can take action when opportunity comes but for me, i believe the opportunity is always there. It just that some of us couldn't see it clearly or still doesn't know whether it's an opportunity or an option. Most of my friends keep asking me, "why do you want to start working very soon? we've just done with our studies, don't you feel tired and take some times to settle down??" Ouh well, that's one of my weaknesses.. i'm too stubborn. whenever i wanted to do the thing, i must do it. whenever i've made a plan, i must proceed with it. well said, i go with the flow. maybe i keep on pushing myself too much but as long as i still can handle it, why don't i just give a try?? if i fail, the choice must be an option but if i succeed, dont you think that was an opportunity?? at the end, you dont lose anything right. So, you don't have to wait for opportunity coming to you, be brave enough to turn the option into opportunity.
Actually, i'm having a dilemma right now. Everyday i keep on thinking whether i've made a right decision when i accepted the job offer. After working for a week, i still doesn't get familiar with this new place & environment. what worst, i feel very lonely here. no friends to talk with and whenever i got home from work, i just stay in my room until the next morning. But as i always take things positively, i dont want those situation become a burden on me for the time being. I'm sure everything will be okay someday or most probably something good might be waiting for me in future. I am still young and i know i'm in a learning process and whatever i'm doing right now, i'll take it as an opportunity for me to gain more experiences and move to the next level of maturity. Though i am alone here, i'm still glad that some of friends still texting me keep on asking am i doing fine here. I'm glad to have family members that are concerned and keep calling me. And the most important is i feel very grateful to have a faithful God who's always protecting me, give me strength and never leave me when i'm down to nothing. That's it for now..heyyy!!! im going to post more after this & get myself active back in this blog.hehe.. =)