Saturday, April 18, 2015

My First Story in 2015

Holla!!!Im back again writing in this gorgeous diary of mine. *diary lah sangat okeyyy* sobsobsob..After quite a while, i can feel that my writing skill is not that superb anymore. erghhhh...even simple sentences took me quite while to think of. goshhhh!! I guess i have to start writing & doting more posts this year to sharpen my writing skill. kekeke.. mintak2 lah i can get rid off this lazy syndrome from me this year. :p Soooo, i was thinking of sharing my experience during my visit to Seoul, Korea last month in my upcoming post. Well, now im getting excited to share it here. Will start posting it soon from the very beginning on how i got my ticket , how i plan my budget, how i prepare our itinerary & some suggestions & preparation before & during the visit. With that, I guess you guys know how many series of posting will that be. hahahaha.. 

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