Thursday, September 24, 2015


13/03/2015 (Friday)

After 6 hours flight, we landed safely at Incheon Airport around 3.00pm (Korea Local Time).
We spent nearly half hour at the immigration since there were several arrivals during that period. Settled with the immigration, we're having another issue where we could not trace our luggage. To be sure, most of us on the same flight didn't know the exact counter to get our luggage & again we waited nearly half hour til' then we found it. Good things that as soon as we were out from the arrival gate, an 'ahjussi' was already waiting to drive us to the guesthouse.

Taking a train after we exit the plane to passenger terminal (another building)

You will see lot of advertisement boards in the airport like this.
     Seeing your fav. korean artists on a big board like this will drive you
 crazy all the way.
Queue at the immigration.
Can see it clearly here why we spent 30 minutes just for immigration check
Highways from Incheon Airport to Seoul.

Right after we arrived at the guesthouse (Namsan Guesthouse 3) & settled with our check in, we take a short nap. We decided just to walk around Myeongdong area that night because all of us feel exhausted after the long hour flight with a sleepless night (overnight at the KLIA2).

We had our dinner at pojangmacha (small street stalls). I used to watch
 this kind of scene in korean drama. Hehehe.. Instead of drinking soju, I
  have banana uyu (milk) with me.

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