Monday, April 26, 2010

Biggest Loser Ding Dong

hye!! tonight i came up with one idea where i make a bet with my friend that both of us will try to lose our weight during this holiday..thats sound pretty funny is it?? but i think this is it, the time for me to make an improvement for myself too..hahah..since both of us have cute size, so i'm thinking that why don't both of us make a bet and try to lose our weight during this holidays?? and since he's agreed with the idea, i'm getting excited too for the bet..hahah..whoever win this bet, will have a chance to eat at Kenny Rogers for free as the loser will pay for it..nah..Stel, what u waiting for?? you can do it..i mean u really can DO IT!!!jaga ko AWANG ya!!!standby jak duit byk2 sem depan pakai blanja aku..herm.. =)


Suddenly today i feel like i wanna eat kimchi for my dinner..but there's no korean restaurant i have to wait until Thursday then i can go out and have my kimchi..heheh..owh, let me tell you guys something about kimchi..Kimchi or Kimchee is a Korea’s national dish. It is made of fermented vegetables. I first started to eat kimchi after watching Fullhouse drama..The reddish look of kimchi makes me wanted it more. Since it is hard to search for kimchi at my hometown, which is how I decided to learn making my own kimchi. I know the taste wouldn’t be same as the original but at least I’ve learnt to cook other dishes besides Malaysian foods. There are many ways of making kimchi, but it usually contains Chinese cabbage, red pepper, garlic, fish sauce, ginger and salt.
The ingredients are mixed up together and put it into container. Just let it be in the container around 3 to 5 days. Actually kimchi is one of the healthiest foods because it has lot of vitamins. Guys, for your information, kimchi are very spicy and have a very strong taste. I guess your first taste of kimchi wouldn’t be the same as the first taste of fried chicken..hahah. Even me, myself need a little bit of time to get used of the taste. But since I love ‘Hanguk’ very much, I’ve try to learn their cultures bit by bit. But still I am proud to say that I am Malaysian although I adore Koreans very much. Yeah, don’t forget have a try of kimchi ok.. –peace-

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Berbalas Pantun..

Mesti u guys tertanya2 kan why the topic is "BERBALAS PANTUN"??hmmm..actually i just wanted to tell you some funny moment happened to me just few hours ago..okay, this is how the story started..Tengah2 I baca my notes for AUDIT, suddenly my cellphone ringing..i looked at the screen, "1 message received"..I thought it was from my mum..So, i opened the message and i looked at the sender's name, was from my friend, SULIHA know this friend of mine, the first time you meet her, you probably think that she's kinda someone that can be trusted and she's naive..But the longer you know her, then you will know her real attitude(i mean the craziest one)..ngahaha..(p/s Le, jan ko makan dalam ya..hehe)Then, i read her message..and suddenly, biggest grin on my face..huahaha..(tau la ko tension Le)heheh..this is her first message:

Le: 2,3 kucing berlari,
mn kn sama si kucing belang,
sorong papan tarik papan,
buah keranji dlm perahu.

(Then, i replied her message with other pantun)

me: buah kelapa di luar pagar,
ambil galah tolong jolokkan;
saya budak baru blaja,
kalau silap, paham2 lah sendiri.

(then she replied)

Le: Pergi ke sabah menaiki basikal,
naik basikal ke ngri sabah;
basikal di naik ke ngri sabah,
ngri sabah basikal dinaik.

(i replied back)

me: pergi ke sarawak naik kapal selam,
sarawak dituju dgn kapal selam;
skali naik terus menyelam,
namanya pun kapal selam.

(lastly, she gives up..but still she replied me with pantun)

Le: Selesai sudah pantun untk ari nie,
dharap smua thibur hati;
salah silap harap dimaafi,
sapa marah jumpalah tok kadi.(siap mnta smpaikan salam sm tok kadi)

Me: 'Terima kasih' aku ucapkan,
'sama2' engkau balaskan;
salam engkau sudah ku kirimkan,
'salam dtrima' tok kadi ucapkan.

(in the end, tok kadi mengamuk kitaorg tak study audit lagi..SIBOK JAK NAK BERBALAS PANTUN)

nah..that's the end of story..Cerita ini xda kena mengena dgn siapa2 mahupun yg masih hidup, separuh hidup atau x hidup lagi.. Saja2 nak lepaskan tension..thanks Le sebagai pembuka tirai ya..hahah..

Friday, April 23, 2010


aigoo~~~...aiiii chicha!!! i can DO IT, and it happened..argh..I've passed my JPJ TEST!!owh..i thought i might not be able to do it but thanked GOD, YOU gave me the strength and the CONFIDENCE..ahh..but i still rasa sedih because my 'CHINGUYA' failed the test..TIPAH!! next time, do your BEST..macam tak best jugak celebrate sorg2.. I even felt guilty at the time you scream out my name lepas ko terkandas di BUKIT tue..huhu..i'm sorry because i cannot do anything to help you out..huhuh..but, bila ingat balik pengalaman kita start dari last week, mmg funny bah juga..hahah..punya semangat kita first day kelas tu tp bila balik frust gila2 pulak gara2 BUKIT tue..hahah..Hopefully, ko buat yg terbaik ya bila repeat balik test tu d Sandakan nanti..pilih CIKGU yg best2..yg boleh ajar ko sampai ko expert gila2 ngan BUKIT tu nanti..hahah..Hentam jak bukit tu macam kita biasa buat..ngahaha..So, when i get back Miri next week, i want to have my first drive as soon as i arrive in MIRI..hoho..tinggi angan2..Daddy, lend me your car okay..hahah..Here some photos taken by me..Just for kenangan yg x brapa indah..heheh..

Gambar BUKIT yang menghantui kami dari LAST WEEK..heheh..


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


td aku ckp mo chow, tp aku baru bukak email and received news about this..
Guys yang minat KOREA, Dream Concert has been scheduled to take place at Seoul World Cup Stadium on 22nd May 2010..Jom kita pergi ramai2(in our dream)..Nama pun dream concert..hahah..There are 20 performing artists that have been confirmed to attend the concert(Super Junior,SNSD,2PM,Wonder Girls,Rain,Lee Hyori,SS501,KARA,After School,SHINee,f(x),BEAST,T-ara,MBLAQ,4minute,U-Kiss,Rainbow,ZE:A,Davichi,F.cuz).
Wish it is in MALAYSIA!!!dah la i missed SUJU's concert that day, next time I sure gila2 pergi punya especially SS501 punya concert..NO MATTER WHAT!!!huhu..but, don't worry..this concert will be taped and akan ada peluang for you guys to watch it in television..okay!!daa!!!


aduina!!!baru ari tok ku dapat update blog ku..sengal gila wei..uspot kat kolej sampe ritok lagi sawan..enth bila nak sembuh2 dari sawan nya ya..paksa la aku membawa diri ke library..alasan mok study, tp bila dah dpt on9 alu lupa daratan..punya gila2 aku men"DOWNLOAD" smua korean game shows yg ada kat youtube..uiseh..BALAS DENDAM nampak..heheh..ya lah, aku perlukan hiburan selepas study sampe stress gila2..jd korean game shows jak lah yg boleh membuat kan jiwa raga ku tenang di samping melihat artis-artis KESAYANGAN ku membuat kerja2 gila..haha..hah..lagi satu, minggu tok mmg akn buat aku stress gila2 coz aku da 3 papers mgu tok and tmbah gik ngan ujian JPJ jumaat tok..adush!!!BENGONG aku!!!tp MUMMY ku cakap. just focus pada yg perlu thats mean, i just need to focus in my final not that JPJ..lagipun LESEN tu just sebagai keperluan sahaja..jd apa2 pun yg berlaku hari jumaat nie, guys i need you to support me..okay!!hopefully, i can LULUS both exams..bah, aku continue study, if aku rajin pegi library esok lusa, i will update more..heheh.. CHOW!!! ANNYONG!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Halo guys.. FYI, I feel a little bit disappointed today after receiving my midterm results.. It just that i can not accept why i am not able to score well in all subjects..some revisions have been made before the exams and yet, my results still the same..owh..what am i suppose to do??should i lock myself in the room and study for 24 hours..THAT WAS CRAZY YUUUUUU!!! argh.. So, in order to overcome all these frustrations, i set another new goals..yeah..hopefully it will be simple and achievable.. Why do we need goals??? HYE!!! everyone needs goals. Having goals makes you more successful because they keep your mind in what is important to you.. But make sure the goals you have set for yourself are achievable..Hopefully, you guys will not end up just like me!!! I AM IN FRUSTRATION MODE NOWWWWW!!!aaaaaaaaa!!!! MICHIGETDA!!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010


halo!!annyonghaesayo..yeah..YUKIKO is back with more stories..hahah..but it just that i'm not free enough to post all my stories in here..well, at least i'm done with my assignments and now i just need to focus for my final exams..another 25 days left and i'm just too excited to get back to my hometown..owh MIRI!!! you just don't know how much i miss you..gagaga!!!after i'm done with my final, i will update my blog with latest korean news..yeah..i know..some of you guys are KOREAN FREAKS just like me..damn you..hahah..owh, before i forgot i just wanted to say "HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY" to EUNHYUK(SUJU)..he's 24 years old now(korean calendar)..yeah, i've seen his pictures at Shin Dong's profile..Seems like they are having small party with Suju's members and also one of f(x) member..yeah..they are currently busy with their new project and that is why no grand celebration for EUNHYUK..but that's okay..hopefully EUNHYUK will be much healthier and happier..!!hahah.. SANG-IL CHUKAHAMNIDA!!if you are infront of me right now, i'm going to dance GEE-SNSD for you as a present from me..ngahaha.. GEE(4x) BABY(2x) BABO~~