Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Seriously, i just cant wait to be home for Christmas. Today i will fly back to my hometown.. woohoo~~ Actually this week is the last week for this semester. Then i will have my study week for a week & final exam coming soon which my first paper will be on the January 3rd 2012. Gahhhh!! Just wondering why The Ministry of Higher Education has to change the schedule out of sudden this year. Well this is my first time to have a final exam right after new year and christmas during study week.. hmm..lazy i want to talk more on it as it will considered as a sensitivity issue again. DANG IT!! But thanks God my dad bought me the ticket for me to go back for Christmas. The reason i love my family more.. hehe!! :D Never in my life i went out from the lecture room right after my presentation because i have to rush to the airport & catch up my flight. Once again, i thanked God for providing me great friends who are willing to help me & drove me to the airport. Without them, i might be in trouble..heheh.. ^_^

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December Post

This is my first post in this month. Yeah, been busy for the past weeks and thanked God everything is nearly settle bit by bit. Last week, i've submitted my proposal for final year project paper. Yet i still need to do some amendment before submit the final softcopy to my supervisor by this week. Somehow, after struggling with my test 2, midterms and assignments finally everything is coming to an end soon.. i mean very soon.. but heyyyy!!! FINAL EXAM is waiting for me after my Christmas holiday.. DANG IT!!! this is not great and it is not AWESOME at all!!! for sure, it will ruin my Christmas mood..huhu. =( but that's okay.. will start doing my revision bit by bit starting from today. And of course i'll start it with a prayer & i believe God will lead me through all these difficulties. Amen. owh by the way, more stories going to be posted soon. wuahahhaha.. ^_^

Friday, November 11, 2011

(Oct 14th) 3rdWave Fanmeeting with Brian Joo, Alexander Eusebio & Pastor Johnny

Annyeonghaseyo!! ^_^

Once again, it's been quite long i didn't turn up here & write down a complaint letter as what i usually did last time..hahah.. :D should i blame my studies for this??ahh~~ forget bout it..ngee~~ well, for you to know, many & many great things happened this year and i feel grateful to have such amazing memories. And for today, i was about to share what i did last month.. yeah, i know i know!! it happened last month but only today i have this chance to share the joy with you guys.hehe!! :p maybe to you guys, it was just not that greeeeaaaat, but to MEEEE i will absolutely never ever forget about what happened that night..hahah.. this wasn't a surprise anyway since i've put everything at the above title..hahaa!! and YESSSS!!! i met them that night at Boulevard Hotel..luckily the place wasn't that far from my university & i managed to catch the last train back to my hostel. owh by the way, i went there with my cousin, Cath.. Even before the fanmeeting, we did a lot of crazy things at Mid Valley as we were actually trying to cover our excitement & nervousness.. To make it short, we spent nearly 2 hours with them in the fanmeeting & I got the chance to go on stage get a personal autograph from Brian oppa & PJ..

and i managed to capture a great photo with Brian oppa & PJ too. How i wish i can get xander's photo too.huhu~~ but somehow, it was a great night & i never imagine to have this kind of opportunity especially seeing them right infront of me and shake their hand before.. and to be honest, after i received my first 3rdwave CD earlier this year, i prayed that one day i'll have the chance to go for their concert & watch them sing the songs on the stage. guess what??? yes, it just happened!! i wasn't dreaming~~ AWESOME!!! ^_^

*i wish i can tell you guys the whole story & more detail bout that night, but i'm scared i will have to do it until tomorrow morning. i did talked a lot!!* haha!! =)

Monday, August 8, 2011

My First Edited Photo- Choi-Minator (Choi Siwon)

Seriously, I spent nearly 4 hours just to edit this photo. Well, it was my first time using photoshop to edit such photo after more than 3 years. I did learn how to use photoshop before but that was 3 years ago & don't expect me to remember all those fussy steps. Luckily I found lot of useful tutorials in Youtube & other sites as well. So this is the final touch I've done last night. As I'm just a beginner, so this photo wasn't perfect enough. Sorry for that.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Here's the lyrics of Superman by Super Junior. (Hangeul, Romanization & Translation)

Lyrics by @pastakyu from SJ-WORLD.NET
Video by UnknownCarrot170


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SUPER JUNIOR - OPERA(오페라) Romanization Lyrics

Ratin, Ratin swipji anheun eoneo-deulleo tto hokeun keukjeok, keukjeok story-e ppachyeo-deulgo
kajang bissan useul useul ipgo Euwa chom tteolmyeon-seo keukjang-ee kajang chu-eun chwaseok-e manchokan neo
yeokin dareuda

*Ne show Ne show Opera norae haneun opera chumchuneun ne opera
neomu chu-eunikka cheongdam-eun igeonikka
Ne show Ne show Opera nega mandeun opera sesang meotjin opera
ike chu-eunikka da kibon chu-eunikka

**neomu chu-eunikka cheongdam-eun igeonikka
ike chu-eunikka da kibon chu-eunikka

Mudae wi keu chanranhan jomyeong-arae-ro eokkae wi sse sseutachyeo naeri-neun keu kalchae sok-edo
Modu-ga hanbeon jjeum kkum kkun sarang, paeshin-kkajido yi chabeun 3bon, 4bon keu an-e dae itdago baro yeokida

Ne show Ne show Opera norae haneun opera chumchuneun ne opera
neomu yumyeonghaeseo da michyeodeul bonikka
Ne show Ne show Opera nega mandeun opera sesang meotjin opera
neomu meoshisseoseo da ulgo nanrinikka

neomu yumyeonghaeseo da michyeo bonikka
neomu meoshisseoseo da ulgo nanrinikka

Swipjineun anhji na somi cha maldo mot hal ttaega isseo ne mami wonhan keol chocha mukeo-un sut beoseo beoseo
mochart(mozart), Handen, biche keu sokee eomcheong nan yaeki ga hana-do bureopji anhke nega da boyeochulke chal bwa


Neomu chu-eunikka cheondameun ikeonikka


Source of Korean lyrics:
Korean Romanization by:


Because you naughty, naughty, Hey! Mr. Simple

Because you naughty, naughty, Suju kanda!

Sesangi ne mang daero an dwindago hwaman nemyeon andwae keu reol pilyo opji

keokcheong-do paljada jakeun ire nomu yeonyeonhaji marja mome chuji ana

Sojeoki chuwatdaga napatdaga keureon keoji mwo cheung! seolchikhi uratdaga teoreochyeotda keureon taedo itji

eocheomyeon kwaenchanha swiweo kaneun keotdo chua modeun geoshi ttae, ttae, ttae, ttae, ttae-ga itneun keonikka

Keuttaega namja-ramyeon chingul manna sul han chane teoreobeorigo (Alright!) Alright

Keuttaega namja-ramyeon chingul manna suda tteoreo nallyeobeorigo (Alright!) Alright, Alright

*Bwara Mr. Simple, Simple Keuttae-neun Keuttae-neun Keuttae-ro meotchyeo

Bwara Miss Simple, SImple, Keuttae-neun Keuttae-ro yeppeo (SJ Call)

Bwara Mr. Simple, Simple Keuttae-neun Keuttae-neun Keuttae-ro meotchyeo

Bwara Miss Simple, SImple, Keuttae-neun Keuttae-ro yeppeo (SJ Call)

**Kaja kaja eoseo kaja Makhyeosseul ttaen dorakaja kot kotchi apa chukketdamyeon oneul haruman norgo boja

Han keurae-do keochin sesang chukeora ttwimyeon naman jicheo kidaryeobwa akkidwi pak neowi nari kot ultenikka

Blow Your Mind kara Mr. Simple

Blow Your Mind ttae-ga watjanha Duryeowo malgo

Blow Your Mind Kaja Mr. Simple

Blow Your Mind ttae-ga watjanha Junbi dwaetjanha

Sok sseokneun iri an doo kaji anin seseang-e urin sara keukeon ae-do ara

mwo ireohke eoryeopna uri chal meokgo chal jago tto charamyeon kereohke hamyeon dwiji

Keuttae-ga hwa-ga na-myeon chingul mannna dwitdamhwaro peureobeorigo (Alright!) Alright

Keuttae-ga kwireupda-nyeon norae borreo sori jilleo nalryeobeorigo (Alright!) Alright, Alright


Dance jaryuran-ke mwo keuri byeol geo ittna Just Get It Get It

Sosohan iltaree jaemi deung deung deung keung keung keung

Sara-ittneun keuttael neukki-go shipna Just Grab It Grab It

kaseum ttwineun ne kkum-deuri aeki deung deung deung keung keung keung

(Because You Naughty, Naughty)

Ije keokjeong hajima ap-en choo-eun nari ulkeoya Shimgakan aekin da dwiro mirwodugo

Oneur-eun barke useobwa keuddae-wi hwanhan useum-e modu kibon choha-chyeo



Blow Your Mind kara Mr. Simple

Blow Your Mind ttaega wattjanha Duryeowo malgo

Blow Your Mind kaja Mr. Simple

Blow Your Mind kara Mr. Simple


Source of Korean lyrics:

Korean Romanization by: @mimilovemicky

Shared by:

Monday, August 1, 2011

Super Junior 5th Album "Mr Simple" Mv Teaser

This is what we have been waiting for.. Finally the music video teaser is out. I just can't handle all their hotness & handsome-ness in the video. Really can't wait to see their full music video which is to be released tomorrow. woot woot!!! so right now, let's watch their mv teaser over & over again. By the way, please watch all their videos in SMTOWN youtube channel. Avoid re-uploaded them into your own channel. And here, I'm giving you the link to the SMTOWN channel.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Hello guys. I've uploaded 3 videos of Super Junior during their concert in Japan in 2009. Last time, it took me only half an hour to upload one video into my youtube account but i don't know why it took nearly 2 hours now for me to upload one video of Suju's concert. Maybe because it was an HD view and the size must be extra bigger than my previous videos. But never mind, i will try to upload at least 2 videos a day from now on. So hope you guys enjoy the clearer version and more videos coming. =)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Super Junior 5th Album Photo Teaser.

Finally today, all the photo teaser of the 10 members have been completely revealed. The individual teaser photos of the members are released sequentially starting from the July 20th which Eunhyuk's photo to be first released. Then it was followed by Donghae's photo.

The following day, Super Junior's leader Leeteuk photo is released & followed by Shindong photo on the 23rd.

Just a few minutes after Shindong's photo, Kyuhyun's photo was released too. Some rumors said that they(smtownent) mistakenly uploaded Kyuhyun photo teaser right after Shindong's photo. And on the next day, it's Sungmin turn to get all the fan's hearts melted. =)

On the 25th, Ryeowook's photo was released & fans all over the world are shock with the transformation of 'forever maknae' to the manly side of him. hahaha~~~ and yesterday, Yesung turn to move the fan's hearts with his trendy look.

And this morning, once again fans all over the world were shocked with the sexiest image of Siwon. Whenever you see the photo, you will feel that your jaws dropped. hahah~~ Right few hours later, Heechul's photo also has been revealed & that make it completely 10 members photo teaser until today.

So guys, what do you think about all these photos? ^_^

Friday, July 15, 2011


Hey, i saw this topic trending in the twitter list since yesterday. So i was thinking of writing some facts on me here since i got nothing much to do right now. Thanks TWITTER for giving me an idea..heheh..but what i can say is, if you really read this post CAREFULLY & know 40 THINGS about me & ACCEPTED the way i am, you're most welcome to be my friends. hahah.. :D I can be a good friend to anyone actually. *hugs*
Let's start with a long introduction of myself.hahah. 40 facts remember?? ^_^

1. Full name: Stella Lihan
2. Born on: November 30th. 1989
3. Hometown: Miri, Sarawak (Malaysia)
4. Race: Kayan
5. Religion: Christian (Borneo Evangelical Mission)
6. Family: Daddy,mummy,2 elder brothers & little sister.
7. Education: Bachelor(Degree) of Accountancy (currently in final year)
8. Hobbies: Reading news, watching movies, composing songs, twittering, blogging,facebooking & online-ing. ^_^
9. Ideal guy: CHOI SIWON (respectable, gentleman, funny, a lil bit shy sometimes playful && the most important is a strong Christian with loyalty) heheh.. :p
10. Status: my heart taken by Siwon oppa (hahah)

11. Fav foods: anything taste yummy especially mum's cooking & daddy as well.
12. My fav. bands: Mostly punk rock & alternative rock bands
13. My fav. kpop groups: I like most of the kpop groups. But i love SUPER JUNIOR & SS501 even more. *being their fans more than 5 years, what more can i say*
14. Fav. destinations: Seoul, Liverpool, Paris, New Zealand, Venice & more.
15. Fav. football clubs: Liverpool(fans of The Reds since 8 years old)& Barcelona.
16. Fav. footballers: Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard, Iker Casillas, Fernando Torres,Lionel Messi & Kim HyunJoong<< pls consider this guy too. :D
17. Fav. movies: horror, thriller, action & romantic comedy
18. Fav. dramas: Korean Drama
19. Fav. songs: A LOT!!!!
20. Fav. fruits: Banana, Durian, Mangoes & Watermelon

21. My idols: Jesus Christ & my daddy.
22. I like: kids,adventurous activities,being playful,cooking,travelling,shopping etc
23. I dislike: Backstabber, insects etc..
24. When I'm bored: i used to do crazy things. :D
25. I always wanted: to be a lawyer but end up taking accountancy as my major.
26. When someone talked bad about me: i will get mad & curse but then i will forgive them after few hours & pray, asking for forgiveness from God.
27. Good & Bad thing about me: I always fight for my right. *hard to cure*
28. People's first impression: I look so arrogant. *LOL*
29. But actually: I am quite friendly & very talkative. *handle my words with care*
30. Whenever my friends feel sad & down: I will cheer them up & put back a smile on their face but when i feel so down, they never cheer me up cause I never show them my sad face. I will keep it by myself & cheer myself up with exciting activities.

31. I feel happy: when I get what i targeted & when people around me feels happy too.
32. So please don't: show your sad face to me. *you'll make me sad too*
33. When i was in highschool: I used to be a punk rock lover..*well-known as a ROCKERS until i continue my study in matriculation*
34. Negative character: STUBBORN!!
35. Positive Character: NEVER GIVE UP!!
36. After highschool: ever went for National Service Training *3 months military training after high school.COMPULSORY*
37. Being: in Red Crescent Society during my high school & now i wanted to continue my duty as a volunteer whenever i have the chance.
38. my twitter account is: stellahyunjae *please noted out that there is an account that using my real name. i don't know who's the owner so be careful*
39. My wedding wish: get married in a church & having a wedding party on a cruise.
40. Lastly: love me the way you want to be loved & respect me the way you want to be respected. Adios!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Freaky Tuesday!!! ^_^ Girl's Talk

Just now while i was sitting alone in my bedroom, i was thinking of deleting all unnecessary messages in my inbox. In case if there is really an important message that need to be kept, so i browse & read all the messages one by one until i found one of this message sent by my friend *a kpop lover* at one night. This is around 12.09am. The conversation is in Bahasa Sarawak so i include english translation. Hope you enjoy reading it.haha.. :D

meerayie: babe,gerek ko kat kbs now. (babe, your boyfriend at kbs now)

*once i received the msg, i turn on the tv & watch kbs channel*

me: xda dah.huhu..pasal pa ya tek? (no more.huhu. what was that story about?)

meerayie: hyun joong oppa. (hyun joong oppa)

*was a bit relieved* :D *guess why?*

me: guerilla date ka? tauk sik sapa first on my mind? Siwon oppa..hahah. ya tek heran
apa siwon polah kat kbs.hehe. ( is it guerilla date? you know who's the first on
my mind? Siwon oppa..hahah..that's why i feel so weird, what he's doing in

meerayie: Hahaha. Siwon ur husband. Hyun joong tahap gerek. LoL.Siwon now, happy??
keke.. Suju.
(Hahaha. Siwon is your husband. Hyun Joong is your boyfriend. LOL. Siwon
now, happy?? keke... Suju.

*while i was asking about siwon before i knew that my friend is actually talking about hyunjoong, suddenly a video of siwon really came up with the fellow Suju members as well*

me: yeap.bok jak ckp pasal nya.hahah. (yes. we were just talking about him.hahah)

Meerayie: Phewitt!! Mk ketawa tok! haha! (phewitt!! i want to laugh! haha!)

aie heh. kenak kah?hahah. sik on9 ka?heheh. (ouh. why?hahah.not online ka?heheh.)

meerayie: ya lah..ko baruk jak sebut namanya tek, pa polah nya rah kbs? Terus nya keluar. LoL. :p online tek, jap lok. Gik mamam.hehe.
(ya lah. you was just asking about him what he does in kbs? then he suddenly appear. LoL. :p just now i on9. hold on. eat first.hehe)

me: ya lah tek. slalu gia.mala jak kbtln bila nyebut pasal nya.mun cita ngan am pun gia juak.hahah. yoh, lwt juak mkn.hahah. (ya lah.always like that. everytime i said something bout him, he will appear. If i talk with am also like that.haha. yoh, you eat very late.hahah.)

hahah..for your information, Siwon oppa & HyunJoong oppa was both my top super bias.. But based from the conversation above, you must know which one i wanted more to stay with & who was mostly on my mind.Naughty Stella!!! ^_^

Thursday, May 19, 2011

No more tears.

Everyday!!! Yes, almost everyday, deep in my heart crying out for forgiveness. Crying out for the truth. It's hurt, TOTALLY HURT me inside. I have no one to turn to, I have no where to go to but I try to be strong. I put a smile when I'm about to cry, I give myself a joke whenever I feel down because me myself is the only strength I have right now. Yes, God is there with me, watching me and never will He leave me. Because the strength that I have right now was actually belong to Him. Without Him, I might no longer around. I might give up easily in my life and I might put a very wrong decision in my life.

Everyday, I make jokes and I laugh around because of 1 reason. There's no other reason than seeing others happy. Yes, I really wanted to see those people around me smile and laugh happily without any concern. Some people thought I am selfish. For no reason they accused me & some even cursed me. Sometimes I get confused. Should I be good or should I be mean?? To tell the truth, I don't know what's the meaning of happiness??

I'm not a perfect one to get all the compliments but how i wish one day, God help me to open their eyes and accept me as the way I am. As far as i'm concern, i don't want to be my own enemy. And one day, i wish i can run as far as i could from all these people and situations. The scars will remain although i try to accept and swallow all the sadness slowly. I might not cry in front of you, but deep inside my heart, it's completely bleeding. Y_Y

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Stand - 3rd Wave

My offering so small
Nothing much to give to you
With words so few
I bring to you my heart

I find I'm moving to the beat of your heart
I'm drawn to you and the promises
Your fragrance so sweet
It's intoxicating me

I stand before the God of worth
Extravagant you are beautiful
Wonderful Lord beyond all these words I come

I come, I come to you.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Will Be There Lyric- 3rd Wave

In this weary world there are times when you feel alone
No one knows all things on your mind all the things you dream about
I can see the lies behind your smile
Cause what I see in your searching eyes is the meaning of it all
So let me take you by your hands
And show you part of me... It ain't no mystery

That I love you till the end of time
Even when things aren't clear
And those dreams seem to have holes

I will be there till the end of time
From a heart that undertsands....
(You need someone till the end of time)

In this weary world there are times when you feel alone
No one knows all the things on your mind all the things you dream about
When we lock our eyes in a silent stare
Reflections of a broken heart
So I whisper quiet words
So let me take you by your hands
And show you part of me...
It ain't no mystery...

You're not alone just close your eyes
And think of me I'm here for you
I'll be by your side

Thursday, May 12, 2011

What's next??

Annyeonghaesaeyo. Hello.
I know it has been almost a month I didn't write something here. Well, as i said before, i'm still in my practical training mood. But no worries, it is going to end very soon.. YES!!! very soon..and for that, I will have my total 3 months holiday but yet i have not decide what should i do for the next 3 months. What more can i say?

And within the past month and few weeks ago, i just totally unhappy with certain things in my life. and for sure,too many things happened, sad and happy, hated and loved, anger & forgiveness; all these feelings mixed up and blend very well until i get confused with my own action & decision.huhu.. =(

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AN AWESOME WEEK!!! (14th to 16th March 2011)

Hello buddies.. sorry once again for not updating too much recently. Gahhhh!!! i just can't wait to share all these feelings i felt since last week. Only God knows what i feel and how excited i am.. It all started with last monday. I went to Christian fellowship concert at the Imperial Ball Room for 2 days which is from Monday night to Tuesday night. Then on Wednesday night i went to Kuala Lumpur for short vacation where i need to settle some matters and also attending the thing i've been waiting for a year and finally i've fulfilled it. Thanked God for everything. This is all some summaries of the activities i've been done for last week. The detailed activities will be discussed after this..hahah.. =)what i can conclude is, LAST WEEK WAS AN AWESOME WEEK!!! =) too happy until i fall sick..hehe..

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Super Show 3 Live in Malaysia - Part 4

Yeah..Finally today, the ticket is in my hand. Thanked God for everything although i can't get the terrace seat for sure, still the rockpitt will be okay. Thanks to my friend, Amalina who has helped me a lot in the buying process. I know she has to stands there for 2 to 4 hours maybe just to get the ticket. They day will come for us. SUPER SHOW 3, see ya on 19th March 2011. The day i have been waiting for.. CHOI SIWON oppa, you will be my next target..hahaha.. =D later when i get the ticket, i will update soon my the photos and things i might prepare for them. By the way, those who are still waiting to get the ticket, good luck guys. See you on March 19th. Here's the seating plan for Malaysia Super Show 3.

Friday, February 11, 2011

11th February 2011>> May He Rest In Peace

Today, our families lost one of the greatest man in our life especially to my father and his siblings. Without him, they won't get this far & with his love towards them, then they learn the meaning of family's love. Last Tuesday, I went to visit you and i thought it is just a usual visit since you just discharged from the hospital last week.When I entered your room, I was shocked because last week you seems okay but that day, i almost burst into tears when seeing you lying down on your bed and couldn't move at all. Then I ran toward you and hold your hands, asking if you still recognize me. But then you said you don't know me and that time, deep in my heart i keep asking 'what happened?' many times. But then i say out my name and then you called out my name and you said 'yes i recognize you.' Last night, i was about to sleep early but i couldn't. Something is bothering me but i don't know what is on my mind. Then i moved to the living room and try to sleep there. And about 2am, I saw my father & my mother both get ready and went somewhere. By that time, i only thought about you and it's true when they got home, they told us You has just passed away. I couldn't hide my tears and i went to my sister & woke her up & told her the sad news. She cried even louder as we are all shocked with the news. To you, my Grandfather, i never thought last Tuesday was the last time i saw you. We love you so much that we cried for the loss. But we know, God love you more that He takes you back from us and let you be with Him. Grandpa, you will always be loved & never forgotten. Rest In Peace.

John 14:1-3
"Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me. In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Show 3 Live in Malaysia - Part 3

Hey hey hey.. i'm back for today post. Actually i'm not feeling very well today but i have great news today. Well, Super Show 3 in Malaysia has been finalized since the ticket price has been released today. I know, i know.. The price is damn expensive but what to do?? I just hope that last year memories won't repeat again this year. I really really wanted to be there. >_< I pray every moment asking God to fulfill my dream & let me be in Super Show 3 standing right in front of them especially Siwon oppa. Thank you God for everything. There's still long way for the show, and I pray asking for a blessing from You. If you guys haven't know the ticketing price yet, here is the list.

* Rock Pitt (RM 480)

* Terrace Seats (RM 480)

* Balcony Seats (RM 370)

* Partial Restricted View (RM 220)

here's the seating plan for Super Show 2 in Malaysia last year. Maybe they will use the same seating plan since it is in the same venue.

And this is the seating plan for Super Show 3 in Singapore recently. Most probably it can be like this too since the organizer is from Singapore. heheh.

Anyway, how will the stage look like, we will just need to wait further info from the organizer. Well, I'm getting excited for it.. fuhhhh *sweating*.. Siwon oppa keep appearing on my mind right now. =D

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I have a dream, as precious as gem -Goose's Dream-

After what had happened to me for the past few days, i just found this one nice song that really suit my life. It's a korean song but the lyric really touch me and make me wanna cry. If only someone realize that my dream isn't just a blank funny dream to be laughed. As long as you call yourself a human, you will never be PERFECT. Keep that in mind for those who think they are good enough.

This is the lyric's translation of the song. Even though you don't know the lyric, the melody itself speaks the true feeling inside the lyric.

I have a dream,
Even if I'm thrown away or ripped to shreds
Deep in my heart
I have a dream as precious as gem

If by chance, without a reason,
Somebody ridicules me behind my back
I should be patient
I would wait just for that day.

As you always worry,
You say that foolish dreams are poisonous.
Just like a book that tells us about the end of the world
There's the reality that we can't turn back already

Yes I have a dream.
I believe in that dream
Please watch over me
Standing in front of that cold wall called fate
I can firmly face it

One day I will pass over that wall
And be able to fly
As high as the sky
This heavy thing called life can't tie me down
At the end of my life, on the other day that I can smile, let's be together

Yes I have a dream.
I believe in that dream
Please watch over me
Standing in front of that cold wall called fate
I can firmly face it

One day I will pass over that wall
And be able to fly
As high as the sky
This heavy thing called life can't tie me down
At the end of my life, on the other day that I can smile, let's be together

Yes I, I have a dream
I believe in that dream.
Please watch over me
Standing in front of that cold wall called fate.
I can firmly face it

One day I will pass over that wall
And be able to fly
As high as the sky
This heavy thing called life can't tie me down
At the end of my life, on the other day that I can smile, let's be together


Nan nan kkumi isseotjyo
Beoryeojigo jjitgye nam nuhayaedo
Nae gaseum gipsukhi bomulgwa
Gachi ganji-khaet-deon kkum

Hok ttaeron nugun-gaga tteun-moreul
Buseum nae deungdwi heullil-ttaedo
Nan chamaya haetjyo chameulsu
Isseotjyo keu nareul wihae

Neul geokjeong hadeut ma-rhajyo
Heotdwen kkumeun dorirado
Sesangeun kkeunchi jeonghaejin
Chaek cheoreom imi dokiril su
Eomneun hyeon shirirago

Keuraeyo nan nan kkumi isseoyo
Geumkkumeul mideoyo nareul jikyeobwayo
Jeo chagapke so inneun unmyongiran
Byeogape tangdanghi majichi su isseoyo
Eonjenga na geu byeo geui neomgoseo
Jeo haneureul nopi nareulsu isseoyo
Ge mugeoun sesangdo nareul
Mukkeulsus eoptjyo nae sarme kkeutesseo
Na useul keunareul hamkke haeyo

Neul keok cheonghadeut malhae
Heotdwen kkumeun dogirago
Sesangeun kkeuchi jeonghaejin
Chaek cheoreom imidorikil
Su-eomneun hyeon shirirago

Repeat ***

A Lonely Road.

Yesterday, today & tomorrow, life isn't that easy for you to be happy & smile all the time. Yesterday, i realized something that really hurt me so badly. Heart broken, tears rolling, empty mind, lost my self esteem....... big question in my head... WHY??? do you guys have to be bias in everything?? You think your people are all successful and smart?? BULLSHIT!!!! do you have no respect toward others?? even if my performance isn't good, do you have to act like that in front of me?? instead of looking down on me, shouldn't you try to teach me and share your knowledge with someone new in this field?? infact i am just a trainee. But thanked God because He has shows me my weakness and for that, I will try to improve myself from time to time. I just don't care anymore what you people gonna say && act. Maybe i just don't belong in the group of people but for some reason, i will take it positively.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Super Show 3 Live in Malaysia - Part 2

Annyeong..another update for my SS3 stories. Today i just bought my flight ticket to Kuala Lumpur. I've been thinking about it over & over again. Yesterday, i managed to get the lowest fare to Kuala Lumpur, thanks to Airasia. Unfortunately, my flight will be on Wednesday afternoon which mean I have to take leave for 2 days. Hopefully, I can get the leave and the most important thing is my parent's blessing. I haven't tell them about my plan yet.. nah!!! Stella, Stella, Stella!!! what's on your mind??

The next step is waiting for the concert tix price to be announced around this week or most probably next week. God, thank you for the way You have provided for me and i know You will never let Your child sad. Thank you for answering my prayer..Halleluyah..

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Super Show 3 Live in Malaysia - Part 1

Last week, SS3 has been confirmed to be held in Malaysia on 19th March 2011 by the new organizer. Well, it was a great news so far but my status of being there on 19th March is still unknown. Since, I am currently busy with my practical training in my hometown, how i wish i could turn back the time && do my practical training in Kuala Lumpur. If that happened, I'm sure not gonna miss all the events that have been held before such as Kim HyunJoong for FaceShop Tour, then Jay Park showcase.. The latest event few weeks ago was DiGi K-pop Party where Beast, 4-Minute & G-NA were there performing for the fans. Gahhhh!!! I am just not that lucky enough. Hopefully, I'll be able to go for SS3 this upcoming March & if you see my long long time ago post regarding SS2 last year, I'm sure you know what had happened to me and the reason why I am really hoping to go for this year. =(